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Arezou Saaberi
Arezou Saaberi
There comes a time in life when you have to choose whether to turn the page or to close the book!


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This morning, October 22, 2020, Dariush Memar posted a short video on Twitter; A video containing heartbreaking scenes of abuse, violence, sexual assault, barbarism, and misogyny. In this video, a young girl was seen with a bloody face. The girl almost lost conciseness from the severity of the blows inflicted on her body and fell to the ground. She cannot speak. A man dressed in a uniform with a baton and several other men and women have surrounded her. The man presses the baton on the injured and fallen girl’s chest, sometimes he puts his foot on her chest and presses, or he bends over the girl’s lifeless body and touches her breasts. A woman constantly pulls the blood-soaked girl’s hair and punches the girl in the head screaming! Another woman threw all her weight on the girl:

The video was quickly shared on social media by Iranian users and provoked many reactions. In addition to the scenes of naked violence against a woman who has fainted and is unable to defend herself, a woman who has been brutally assaulted and brutally beaten by several other men and women, the events surrounding this brutal confrontation and behind these heartbreaking scenes were narrated from various sources, arousing emotions of every reader. According to the initial narration of those who published this video and were in contact with the victim, this incident happened yesterday, Wednesday, October 21, in the Beryam neighborhood of ​​Abadan. An orphaned girl who lived with her grandmother until last year and is left alone after her death goes to a married man’s house, a man named Ahmad Jahan-Nejadian. On the advice of Jahan-Nejadian, who is unwilling to accept responsibility for his relationship with this girl, the girl goes to her family, where she is beaten by Jahan-Nejadian’s wife, sister and son. Police arrested the girl on the spot the same day. The rapist and his family, as well as the security guard, return to their lives until the video is posted on social media. Only a few hours after the video was released, the state-run media began to spread rumors and false and contradictory news.

In the first reaction, “Khabarban” introduces the unfortunate girl as an acid-attacker:

All state-controlled media, in a coordinated effort, try to blame the girl who was raped by an influential married man and talk about an “old beef” as the cause of the incident, without giving any other details about the nature of this “old beef”.

Without exception, all the regime’s media outlets report the arrest of the security guard because of his “action which was against Sharia law,” that is, touching the body of the injured girl, and not because of physical violence and blatant sexual assault.

Meanwhile, more details of this shocking incident have been published by users close to the girl whose name no one still knows:

One of the reasons why “Abadani Girl” has so far refused to reveal her identity is the threats made by the rapist’s family and relatives:

What has happened since yesterday highlights the bitter truth that the victim of rape is being abused and oppressed, once by the male rapist and once by a system that supports the aggressor. She is arrested instead of being taken to the hospital. The police force with a uniform and a baton not only does not defend her and her rights, but also seizes the opportunity, puts his foot on her chest and rubs the weak and wounded body of the girl on the ground with more pressure; gets off by groping the breasts of a lifeless and skinny girl who has fallen to the ground, and until the film is not released, he roams the city freely with a baton in his hand and a uniform, because he is relaxed: a brutal, criminal and aggressive system is standing behind him with its full force!

While more and more rumors and details about this tragic incident are spreading on social networks and media, it is now said that “Abadani Girl” is in urgent need of a lawyer, a lawyer and a counselor, because she is alone; In the truest sense of the word, she is alone.

Abadani Girl & Jahan-Nejadian System