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Abbas Vahedian’s Life in Danger – Poverty Out of Control


  • Islamic Republic official admits poverty is out of control
  • Subsidized currency is officially removed: Prices jump 5-6 times for medicine and essential items
  • Abbas Vahedian-Shahroudi’s life in danger
  • Civil activist in prison without any charge or reason
  • Aban Tribunal witnesses and their families are threatened by the Islamic Republic
  • Second mullah who had survived stabbing in Mashhad, died
  • Parents worried about COVID-19 and schools

“People buy cooking oil with spoon!”

Alireza Monadi, Representative of Tabriz in Islamic Consultative Assembly, admits poverty runs deep in the society and people cannot afford to buy cooking oil, they use a small scale like a spoon to buy what they absolutely need.

“At least 5-6 times jump in prices!”

In a report released by the IRGC-affiliated TasnimNews, it is estimated prices of medicine, essential items, farm products and dairy will increase by at least 5-6 times in the next few weeks. Tasnim reported removal of subsidized currency has begun from the customs and the people are the ones suffering the consequences if “administration does not interfere!”

Abbas Vahedian-Shahroudi’s life in danger

He was arrested on September 21, 2021 and was kept in solitary confinement for more than 5 months. He has been deprived of medical care and rarely allowed to contact his family. He had lost consciesness and taken to a hospital without his family’s knowledge and transferred back to prison against medical advice. He was being held in a cell with multiple violent offenders. Mr. Shahroudi was one of the signatories to the letter asking Khamenei to resign.

Almost 3 months

Farideh Moradkhani has been imprisoned in MOIS’s ward in Evin for almost 3 months without any explanation or charge. She’s a civil activist who was arrested in January.

More threats towards Aban Tribunal witnesses

15 human rights organizations issued a statement condemning the Islamic Republic for threatening the witnesses and their families. Several have been arrested and even the ones who live abroad, their families have been under pressure. Ansarifar family is one of those families. Fatemeh Davand is being deported from Turkey for testifying in the Tribunal. Aban Tribunal was arranged by human rights organizations to assess and document the atrocities of the Islamic Republic during November 2019 protests in Iran and the massacre it perpetrated.

Second one died

MohammadSadegh Daraei died of his injuries in the hospital. April 5, 2022, Abdul Latif Moradi attacked 3 mullahs in Mashhad, inside the “holy shrine of the 8th Shia Imam.” One was pronounced dead at the scene and the other two were taken to hospital.

COVID-19 cases surging, AGAIN!

Even though experts warned about sudden reopening of all schools and universities, Islamic Republic officials went ahead with their plan. Mashhad, 2nd major city in Iran, reports 15% increase in hospital visits, Lorestan officials admit surge in cases and hospitalizations. Parents express their worry over lack of protocols in most schools and mandatory in-person classes.
According to official data, only 26,458,148 (31.49% of Iran population) have received 3 doses of COVID-19 vaccines, mostly Sinopharm and COVIran Barekat.


Official covid-19 stats

Total deaths
Updated on June 4, 2023 8:59 PM
Total recovered
Updated on June 4, 2023 8:59 PM
Total confirmed cases
Updated on June 4, 2023 8:59 PM
Total active cases
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