About Us

Islamic Republic regime in Iran came to power in 1979 with the “leadership” of Ayatollah Khomeini. He was supported by western powers including US and France in order to throw out Shah of Iran. Propaganda and false pretenses were a big part of their means to accomplish the victory. But what the west didn’t know was they were creating a monster. A monster that’s merciless, lies and doesn’t even flinch to kill its own citizens since its inception.

In the past four decades they have spent millions of dollars to form and shape the minds of public according to their narrative. Many reporters and “experts” in western media are part of their group. They have made it impossible for the real voice of Iranians be heard by the outsiders.

IranTrue.com is established to provide the world with true Iran’s news in all areas. From politics (which let’s be honest, everything is political these days, one way or the other) to human rights and culture, with evidence and based on facts. This website and the group behind it, are totally independent from ANY political/financial group/party. We are here for the truth only.

We appreciate your help in our journey by promoting the truth and sending us your stories, based on facts and with evidence of course.

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