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November 2019 was our beginning

The days of protest, the month of repression, the season of slaughter, the massacre in Mahshahr marshes, the eyes of Nikta Esfandani, the words of Pouya Bakhtiari ... November 2019 was the birth of a generation. Do you want to know who we are, where we come from and what we want? So, follow us on our journey. We have come from November 2019


The Islamic Republic committed a horrendous crime in November 2019. To this day, no one has a clear idea of its scale. From the very beginning of the protests, the regime closed its doors, took its armed forces to the streets, and carried out an unprecedented massacre.

Outside of Iran, during the protests and subsequent events, the government presented us with a quality of efficiency and sophistication of its propaganda machine that was not apparent to any of us until then.

IranTrue emerged at exactly this historic moment, in November 2019, in the face of the foreign propaganda arm of the regime.


2019-2020 had a dark fall and winter.

The regime would commit crimes and lie. The big lies got bigger, inflated and burst. In retaliation for the killing of his number one terrorist, Qassem Soleimani, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps killed 176 people on board a passenger plane by firing two missiles.

The regime told big lies for several days at all levels. Its lies got blown and burst.

We – those days, users of social media; scattered witnesses of these crimes and lies – found each other in cyberspace and darkness of 2020’s winter.


Narrating events from the perspective of the generation born in November 2019, analyzing events and politics from the perspective of “subversion”, a fundamental critical approach, complete independence, saying what remains unsaid, covered up or suppressed, a consonance with those whose voices reach nowhere, investigating the news published by the media and exposing the contradictions and lies of the media and propagandists of the regime… IranTrue ‌ was formed on the horizon of these goals and efforts.

The cyber army and propagandists labeling us “bot”, who have no choice but to work with anonymous identities, was not and is not at all surprising.


IranTrue members are citizens with a radical protest against the status quo. And since the “status quo” is deeply intertwined with the “existence” of the Islamic Republic, this protest aims at the existence and integrity of the system: overthrow.

Our activity is not our profession; It is citizen duty. IranTrue is not affiliated with any institution, organization or movement. All expenses are covered by the members’ personal resources. Each member of IranTrue has abilities in a field.

The design, launch and maintenance of this website, which started operating in late February 2020, is the result of enhancement of these individual abilities of IranTrue members.