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Sunday, December 4, 2022

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Ali Larijani: Iran will Continue Supporting Syria

According to ISNA, Bashar Al-Assad in a meeting with Ali Larijani in Syria said, countries supporting terrorism have taken people hostage in Idlib and are using them as human shields. He called those countries as the enemies of Syrian people. He added, “Syrian people will not allow this to continue, people’s lives are in danger. We will continue fighting terrorism and wipe terrorists out from all Syria.

Ali Larijani, who traveled to Damascus together with a high profile parliamentary group emphasized Tehran’s support of Syrian government against terrorists will continue. He continued, “Islamic Republic believes Syria is able to fight off terrorists and wipe them out of the land.”

Larijani also met with Syria’s Speaker of the Parliament. He will also meet with Imad Khamis, Syria’s Prime Minister to talk about expanding trades and economical cooperation between the two countries.

He is headed to Beirut next.

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