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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Another Reporter Arrested

Islamic Republic has a long history of arresting activists and reports who voice their concern against whatever the government or regime does. Mohammad Mosaed is one of those reporters. His recent objections over PS752 downing, poverty,… made him a target. He was summoned to IRGC Intelligence Department, his Twitter account and Telegram channel are deactivated and he is prohibited from engaging in any form of social media activities. He is currently out on bail until his court date.

He has been vocal in the past few months about injustices happening in Iran. Most recently he complained about government incompetence in handling the Coronavirus in Iran, shortage of masks and high prices for them when found.

He was one of the reporters who informed the world about internet shut down during Iran protests in November 2019.

He posted this on Twitter:

FYI, Twitter and Telegram are blocked in Iran and people have to use VPN/Proxy services to access the platforms to post their thoughts.

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