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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

How Amin GolMaryami Escaped Mojahedin-e-Khalq’s Hell

The cover of Zeit magazine number 44/2021,...

IRGC is a Terrorist Org – Strasbourg Screams

Today, thousands of Iranians in diaspora are...

Antisemitism & Quds Day Inside, Parastui & NIAC Propaganda Outside


  • Dissident Iranians in Los Angeles protest state-sponsored celebrities and regime propaganda organization
  • Crackdown of protests in Gilan with beatings, shots and arrests
  • Quds Day and Islamic Republic officials threats of Israel annihilation
  • New “espionage” bill to consider all connections with “enemies” as spying
  • Central Bank of the Islamic Republic contradicts Guardian’s report
  • Another Christian convert sentenced to prison

1001 Days Screening in LA…

Sponsored by NIAC (National Iranian-American Council), known for its lobbying activities for the Islamic Republic in the US, turned into a shaming event where dissident Iranians ask the state-sponsored celebrities such as Parviz Parastui about their reactions (or lack thereof) for the November 2019 victims. The propaganda network of the regime has always been active in western media, but Iranians are trying to break it and have their voices heard, at least on social media.

Garbage River in Gilan

Saravan Forest in Gilan province has been filled with so much garbage that a river filled with its sludge is streaming throughout the forest into water resources. The residents and environmentalists have been warning about the disastrous consequences of officials’ ignorance to no avail. Today, their peaceful protest turned into clashes, beatings, and shots by the Islamic Republic oppressive forces. According to reports, 22 were arrested.

Anti-Semitic Quds Day on April 29

The last Friday of Ramadan was named “Quds Day” by the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ruhollah Khomeini. In addition to everyday threats by the regime officials against Israel, Quds Day is the epitome of their rhetoric. Khamenei’s Kayhan Newspaper, in an editorial piece, praised Hitler for killing and displacing Jews: “With expelling these people from Germany, Hitler showed he is smarter than all the current leaders of Europe and he is braver in expressing himself.” Ebrahim Raisi said “Quds Day brings the news of Israel’s destruction.” Speaker of the Islamic Republic “Parliament” in a meeting with high-ranking Hamas official said, “Islamic ummah, resistance groups and the Islamic world must increase the price of relationship normalization for the countries seeking relations with the Zionist regime!” IRGC issued a statement, threatening Israel, “Israel’s last breathes are here. Israel nears its end.” IRGC Commander-in-Chief called on Palestinians, “They have realized they could not reach their goal other than by Jihad!”

Even Charitable Relations…

Draft of a new “espionage” bill considers all relations, including charitable, interviews,… with any “organization, media, institution,…” of any “enemy” as a case of spying and will be punishable by death!

“The Money Has Arrived in Full!”

Central Bank of the Islamic Republic denied Guardian’s claims that only 1 million GBP of Britain’s debt has been sent to Iran and the remainder of 390 million GBP is blocked in Oman and must be used for humanitarian purposes only. CBI’s Spokesman claimed the whole 390 million GBP has arrived in Iran and “we have no problem using it at our will.”

Shouresh Mohammadi-Fallah Sentenced to Prison

The Christian convert from Tehran was arrested in July 2021 by the IRGC intelligence. He’s sentenced to 1 year in prison for “conspiracy to commit crime against national security by membership in house church.”


Official covid-19 stats

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