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Ayatollah BBC Copies from IRNA Blindly!

Yesterday, Jahanpur, Ministry of Health Spokesman, announced 3,872 as the death toll of COVID-19 in Iran. Today, he said 121 more have died of the disease, bringing the total to 3,993. Right? Wrong! IRNA, official government news agency, published weird numbers on its website this morning. They published the total number of infected as 67,286 twice on their page instead of the “official” 64,486! The number of deaths as 4,003.

After that BBC, which is known to Iranians as Ayatollah BBC, even after 3 hours from IRNA publication, put the same WRONG numbers on their website. Let’s take a look:

First publication.
First revision! Number of infected corrected but the death toll is still 4003 and at the bottom of the page, there is no number at all for the death toll!
Second revision corrects the numbers!

However, BBC even after 3 hours, still publishes the wrong 4,003 and 67,286 numbers on their website!

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