Saturday, October 24, 2020
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Germany’s Appeasement Policy Must End!

It's time for appeasement policy to come to an end in regards to Islamic Republic regime. Germany must support the democracy movement in Iran!

Gangs of Ayatollahs – Navid Afkari’s Case

Navid Afkari has become a political game for gangs of Ayatollahs in the "Party of God"! Khatami's gang trying to score points with Navid and his brothers' lives.

Cancer of the 12 Imams

This sect needed 4 centuries to achieve complete autonomy and perversion in Iran; today, this weapon fires at will; it is neither in the hands of the king nor under the control of any superior moral system

Covid-19-Muharram: Anatomy of a State Crime

Proving how Islamic Republic has always prioritized its existence over people's lives no matter how many would be sacrificed.

November Moritats – Hidden Sorrow

Go tell Khan ShepherdDo not come to Mughan this yearIf he comes, he'll be involved with the unjust bloodshed*

Islamic Gestapo: From Cell to Home

In the rapid process of recent developments around prison strikes, signature of Amin Vaziri, the young, new, ambitious and criminal figure of the regime in Judiciary, can be easily identified.

Haft Tappeh’s Two Months Powerful Strike & Stability of Oil Workers

Strike means hitting. Today, about 50 industrial centers in the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors and power plants are on a heavy strike. Every day workers from other industries join the big strike.

First Weeksary of Labor Strikes in Iran

Empty promises, threats and repression no longer work. Workers do not break their strike. Their voices are now heard all over the world

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Iran Coronavirus October 23 – Record Breaking Days

Another record breaking day for COVID-19 in Iran. Islamic Republic regime has no plan for coronavirus rampant spread but worried about women's hijab!

Iran Coronavirus October 22 – Lost Control

Hospitals continue to struggle with flood of COVID-19 patients in Iran. New restrictions put in place in Tehran. No travel ban for the upcoming holidays!

Abadani Girl & Jahan-Nejadian System

What has happened since yesterday highlights the bitter truth that the victim of rape is being abused and oppressed, once by the male rapist and once by a system that supports the aggressor.

Iran Coronavirus October 21 – Islamic Republic Becomes the Lead

Daily COVID-19 cases in Iran broke records again. Staggering stats reveals Iran has the highest CFR in the world. Positivity rate has increased significantly.

Iran Coronavirus October 20 – New Death Rate

COVID-19 keeps breaking daily records in Iran while Islamic Republic watches it ravaging through the country. Saeed Namaki raves about "other" officials who don't implement the protocols.