Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Storks Delivering Covid-19 Vaccine For Mullahs

Islamic Republic officials contradict each other and continue lying about COVID-19 vaccine made in Iran by Mohsen Fakhrizadeh or importing the foreign made ones.

Bleeding Traces Of November 2019

A year has passed! Iranians mourn the loss of their brothers and sisters and will continue their way to achieve prosperity, regardless of who is the President of what country. As long as Islamic Republic is there, Iranians’ fight for liberty continues.

From Metaphysical Excrement

The Islamic society today, beheads a mother with a knife in front of Notre Dame's basilica because of Mohammad's caricature, shoots passers-by aimlessly in Vienna, Khamenei refers to these terrorist attacks as a sign of "Islamic society’s vitality "

Afkari Brothers: One Killed & Two In Chain – Story Of A State-Crime

Islamic Republic murdered Navid Afkari in cold blood and against their own laws! What has happened to Vahid and Habib Afkari? The regime is responsible for their safety.

Mehrdad Sepehri Murder & Excusing Machine!

As if there is no human behind these actions and a ruthless soulless machine, every time something happens in the society, one of its keys is pressed and causes a series of reactions and behaviors

Cheshmberah, Sepehri…This is Aban!

Mehrdad Sepehri in Mashhad has died in police car due to suffocation caused by pepper spray sprayed on his head and face by the police.

Sharia Gallows Height

Islamic human rights and dignity in the eyes of Islamic Republic include killing political prisoners, shooting peaceful protesters, brutal tortures, hanging children, and the list goes on.

November Moritats – Chanani

On Monday, November 18, 2019, in Mahshahr, a girl lost her first name somewhere between the IRGC firing squad and Neyzar. There is no photo of her, and they have left no trace of her anywhere. But she lived.

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