Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Another Lie by IR Regime: “I have Corona too” Campaign

ٰViruses are not living organisms. They lack metabolism. From the day that the inefficiency of the Islamic Republic's regime...

Living with Coronavirus in Iran: Witness Report

Coronavirus reached Iran and right from the beginning, Islamic Republic regime started hiding, lying and covering up the facts. Thus, there is...

Coronavirus is the new Guardian Council: Screening Officials

Guardian Council is the entity in Iran screening potential candidates for any "elections" in Iran. If you don't believe in Supreme Leader,...

CNN Reports False Information about Iran Election

I was checking Twitter and saw a friend talking about the Iran Election News on CNN! She was disappointed and asking me what is...

Rouhani’s Lies in His Press Conference

Rouhani had a press conference on Sunday, Feb 16 in Tehran. As usual, it was full of lies and in this article...

Medicine Sanctions is a Hoax!

Iranian officials keep saying US has imposed criminally negligent sanctions on medicines and that has caused many people to lose their...

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Iran Coronavirus October 27 – Religion: A Virus Factory

Today, all records in Iran have been broken by COVID-19. Islamic Republic have done nothing but making the situation worse by its inaction and mismanagement.

Mehrdad Sepehri Murder & Excusing Machine!

As if there is no human behind these actions and a ruthless soulless machine, every time something happens in the society, one of its keys is pressed and causes a series of reactions and behaviors

Iran Coronavirus October 26 – Poverty, Pandemic & Religion

337 deaths in the past 24 hours, another record for COVID-19 in Iran. The number is much higher. IRGC affiliated "scholar" holds crowded gathering without Ministry of Health permit and after Khamenei said everybody must follow the Ministry!

Iran Coronavirus October 25 – Exhausted, Unpaid & Burntout

Another daily record is broken by coronavirus in Iran. 6,191 new cases of COVID-19 is the highest number since the epidemic began. According to an official, number of deaths is 4 times higher than reported!

Cheshmberah, Sepehri…This is Aban!

Mehrdad Sepehri in Mashhad has died in police car due to suffocation caused by pepper spray sprayed on his head and face by the police.