Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Saravan: Wound on Sistan-Baluchestan’s Wound

From the wounds of Saravan, Sistan-Baluchestan is bleeding. IRGC & state-controlled media spread lies without interruption. Internet and communication lines are cut off while catastrophe is in the making…

Iran Coronavirus February 24 – UK Variant Storm

UK variant of coronavirus is taking over Iran. The hospitals in Khuzestan are full and shortage of staff is prevalent. Officials admit the next wave has begun.

Iran Coronavirus February 23 – Black Is The Missing Color

Another pregnant nurse died of COVID-19 in Karaj. Ahvaz, Khuzestan, is on the verge of becoming "black" with full capacity hospitals. Coronavirus UK variant spreads through Iran.

Iran Coronavirus February 22 – “Director General of Morgue”

Saeed Namaki lashes out at everybody and portrays himself as the victim in coronavirus crisis in Iran. UK variant reaches other provinces.

Iran Coronavirus February 21 – Bragging About Vaccine with 0.02% of Population Immunized

IR officials make big claims about COVID-19 vaccines while only 0.02% of population have been vaccinated.. The new mutated coronavirus spreads through Iran.

Iran Coronavirus February 20 – One Year of Mismanagement, Incompetence & Lies

New cases of the UK variant of coronavirus are reported while it spreads through Iran. Khuzestan hospitals are out of ICU beds. Sinopharm is on the way.

Iran Coronavirus February 19 – Rising Cases Among Children

On the anniversary of the Islamic Republic officials announcing coronavirus arrival in Iran, new UK variant is ravaging through Iran, killing children.

Iran Coronavirus February 18 – Chinese Vaccine Following Chinese Virus!

Islamic Republic holds Friday Prayers even in high risk areas. New UK variant of coronavirus spreads throughout Iran with government doing nothing about it.

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