Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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Iran Coronavirus February 20 – One Year of Mismanagement, Incompetence & Lies

New cases of the UK variant of coronavirus are reported while it spreads through Iran. Khuzestan hospitals are out of ICU beds. Sinopharm is on the way.

Iran Coronavirus February 19 – Rising Cases Among Children

On the anniversary of the Islamic Republic officials announcing coronavirus arrival in Iran, new UK variant is ravaging through Iran, killing children.

Iran Coronavirus February 18 – Chinese Vaccine Following Chinese Virus!

Islamic Republic holds Friday Prayers even in high risk areas. New UK variant of coronavirus spreads throughout Iran with government doing nothing about it.

Iran Coronavirus February 17 – Propaganda Cannot Defeat Pandemic

COVID-19 situation in Khuzestan worsens by the hour. Hospitals don't have vacant beds. UK variant of coronavirus reported in 3 cities of Khuzestan. Confirmed cases of the variant in Iran reaches 24.

Iran Coronavirus February 16 – One Year Pandemic: Oppression & Distortion of Facts

COVID-19 continues to rage through Iran while officials' inaction and blaming people have worse the situation. Martyr Foundation announces priority for martyrs' parents!

Behnam Mahjoubi: Still Fighting

Behnam Mahjoubi's death reports are denied. The latest on the 33-year-old Dervish who's been in prison since June 2020. "Vital signs (even though weak) still there."

Iran Coronavirus February 15 – COVID-19, A Vicious Cycle in Iran

The new variant of coronavirus is spread through Iran while Islamic Republic officials just warn people without taking any action. The vicious cycle of COVID-19 in Iran continues.

Iran Coronavirus February 14 – Virus & Chaos & Corruption

COVID-19 is ravaging through Iran while Islamic Republic officials continue to lie about cases, vaccination and restrictions. Vaccines sold in black market!

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