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Iran Coronavirus January 12 – Blackout, Covid-19 & Poisened Air

Contradictory comments about COVID-19 vaccine continues. Widespread blackouts, air pollution and increasing number of coronavirus cases and deaths are top concerns!

Iran Coronavirus January 11 – Reopenings & Resuming Street Protests

Health experts warn about premature reopenings and fragile situation of COVID-19 in Iran. A member of National Task Force called reopenings "very dangerous."

Iran Coronavirus January 10 – Khamenei: Godfather Of COVID-19 Vaccine

Saeed Namaki justifies Khamenei's order on banning UK, US & France made COVID-19 vaccines! Medical boards deman Rouhani to import vaccine ASAP!

Iran Coronavirus January 9 – Dying in Blue!

Rouhani claims no foreign COVID-19 vaccine will be tested on Iranians but at the same time Cuba announces they will test their vaccine in Iran! A new color is introduced to the map!

System That Kills – Ghanimat Ajdari

Ghanimat Ajdari, one of the 176 PS752 victims, was a "firecracker" and passionate environmental activist. Islamic Republic continues torturing families!

Iran Coronavirus January 8 – Jinn Expert Decides About COVID-19 Vaccine!

Khamenei decided fate of millions of people, banning US, UK and France made COVID-19 vaccines in Iran. Healthcare workers are outraged and demand change of course.

Iran Coronavirus January 7 – Talking About The Next Peak, Again!

Health experts including a member of National Task Force warn about the upcoming next peak of COVID-19 in Iran in February! Cases and deaths increase compared to yesterday!

Iran Coronavirus January 6 – Worry About Friday Prayer-Business

Islamic Republic officials voice their concerns over the next peak of coronavirus in Iran which could be deadlier and "much worse." Air pollution continues to be a major issue.

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