Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Black Box Gets Blacker: Tehran’s New Claims about PS752

Military Prosecutor explains the "human error" and blames low level defense system operator as the cause of PS752 downing by IRGC missiles. Islamic Republic lied about the cause for 3 days.

Iran Coronavirus – System Failure

The system is so rotten and inefficient that Jahanpur could be considered as the ideal Spokesperson for its Ministry of Health. Islamic Republic is so incompetent that can't even double check tally of 2 numbers that affect millions of people in the country.

The Relativity Of Breath – A Juxtaposition

A comparison between recent US protests and November 2019 Iran protests, shows the hypocrisy of politicians and media, besides Khamenei's shameless actions.

Kelly Craft: Iran Hinders Yemen Diplomacy

US Ambassador to the United Nations, Kelly Craft, attending the UN meeting about Yemen circumstances on Feb 18, claimed Iran continues to send weapons...

Rouhani’s Lies in His Press Conference

Rouhani had a press conference on Sunday, Feb 16 in Tehran. As usual, it was full of lies and in this article we try...

Ali Larijani: Iran will Continue Supporting Syria

According to ISNA, Bashar Al-Assad in a meeting with Ali Larijani in Syria said, countries supporting terrorism have taken people hostage in Idlib and...

Three Dead in a Car Bomb in Syria

Al-Jazeera reports a car bomb in Tel Abiz, northwest of Syria has caused 3 people to die and some injured. Turkish news media blame...

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