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Gangs of Ayatollahs – Navid Afkari’s Case

Navid Afkari has become a political game for gangs of Ayatollahs in the "Party of God"! Khatami's gang trying to score points with Navid and his brothers' lives.

Death Ordered By PressTV : Haydar Ghorbani

Haydar Ghorbani, even after months of tortures, has confessed to nothing but being a hostage, Islamic Republic wants to execute him for that!

Release Them!

Following the news of five Dec 2017 protesters’ “twice hanging” confirmation in Supreme Court by human rights activists and institutions, the Isfahan Prosecutor denied...

Growing Concern Over Secret Execution of Five Protesters in Isfahan

Yesterday, pictures and reports of protests of people of Isfahan in front of the courthouse of this city, located on Nikbakht Street, were published...

Dirty Game by Isfahan’s Attorney General to Execute Protesters in Silence

Following the news of confirmation of the death sentences of five protesters by the Supreme Court, the Isfahan Judiciary, headed by Mohammad Reza Habibi,...

IR’s Supreme Court Confirms Death Sentences of 5 More Protesters

They can’t not execute.They can’t not torture.They can’t not retaliate.They can’t not stone.They can’t not whip, not take forced confessions. Interrogation is not their...

Execution Machine & Intel-Justice

Spontaneous, widespread #اعدام_نکنید should not stop, it increases the price the brutal theocratic regime has to pay for its cruelty, it should continue until all political prisoners are released unconditionally.

They Detain, Torture and Execute People. Every Single Day!

Seven days before his 18th birthday, Abolfazl Karimi was arrested when he was returning from his grandfather's funeral in Robat Karim. Four armed IRGC...

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