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Arezou Saaberi
Arezou Saaberi
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A scrawny man squatted on the ground in a street. His hands are handcuffed to metal rods next to a lightning rod. the street is busy. The man speaks with Mashhadi dialect. Children and passers-by are watching. The man in chains hides his head between his arms. Another man, not yet seen in the picture, sprays some liquid on the face of the handcuffed man under his arms. It was pepper spray, and the person who sprayed the spray on the man’s face was a police officer. The policeman, with sadistic satisfaction, after spraying the man’s face says “Curse now!” The laughter of the spectators rises. The camera turns and the word “police” can be read behind the jacket of the torturer. BBC Persian says this is Hojjat complex in the city of Mashhad. In the next scene, a shocker is heard. Once, twice… several times. The man tries to escape the repeated blows of the police shocker. He can’t. Police has handcuffed him to metal rods and tortured him in cold blood in front of people on the street.

HRANA reports that this happened in recent days and a citizen named Mehrdad Sepehri in Mashhad has died in police car due to suffocation caused by pepper spray sprayed on his head and face by the police.

A relative of Mehrdad Sepehri, who died as a result of the brutal behavior of the police, told BBC Persian that “Medical Examiner office has orally confirmed his death due to suffocation caused by pepper spray.”

According to this report, the police were called to that place to resolve a family dispute, and arrested Mehrdad Sepehri, tortured him so much in the street with an electric shocker and pepper spray that Sepehri lost consciousness. He was then taken unconscious into the car. Mehrdad Sepehri died inside a police car.

Mehrdad Sepehri’s funeral was held on Friday, October 23, 2020. According to the HRANA report, Sepehri’s family intends to file a complaint against the killer police, whose violent behavior led to the death of Mehrdad Sepehri.

The image of Bahareh Cheshmberah is still in front of our eyes; The “Abadani Girl”, who was first dragged to the ground by the Jahannejadian family, the rapist, and a security guard, was then accused and insulted by the regime supporting the aggressors, and was forced to confess against herself in front of IRIB cameras.

This is just the beginning of Aban (8th month of Persian calendar, coinciding with late October to late November).
The month of uprising.
The month of blood.

Translation of this post by Sahar.

Cheshmberah, Sepehri…This is Aban!