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CNN Reports False Information about Iran Election

I was checking Twitter and saw a friend talking about the Iran Election News on CNN! She was disappointed and asking me what is wrong with US media! I couldn’t wait and ask her what she had seen, I should have watched it myself! It is Frederick Pleitgen from CNN, in Iran, in my motherland!

I watched the whole video! He talked about the election in Iran, how it has been done, but why it was too painful to watch? Because he added another mic for the regime that we are not allowed to talk openly about their truth back home!

Dear Frederick! You are in Iran to talk the truth or be a mic for their dictatorship propaganda? I always say there is no fake news in US, it’s just about different views, but what you did was a betrayal to the truth! Let me remind you of some of the truths you “forgot” to mention!

  1. About the power of Supreme Leader, the parliament and the president! Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, has all the power, not as you said to “some extent”, it’s all about what he says and what he wants. The Guardian Council is supposed to watch over the constitution. Guess who chooses them? Supreme Leader! Guess what they believe in? Supreme Leader is sent by the God’s will! Also they are allowed to veto any laws made by the parliament or the president if they believe it’s against Islam or the constitution! And they don’t answer to any organization but Khamenei. The parliament (Islamic Consultative Assembly) and the president are supposed to follow the Supreme Leader without any question.
  2. When you are talking about invalidation process for candidatures, why not talking about the truth rather than repeating their lies? Such as if you do not believe in Islam as a higher religion you are not confirmed! If your religion is not one of their approved religions you cannot become a candidate. If you are against the Supreme Leader or just not in agreement with him on all aspects, you are not allowed into the parliament. If you do not believe in full hijab and do not attend the Friday Praying regularly , you are not validated. If you have been convicted for rape but still in full support of the Supreme Leader and IRGC you are totally OK to become a candidate!
  3. Let’s make it clear that the both parties, moderate (reformists) and conservatives (hardliners) are actually the same! Because as they all confessed before they all are IRGC members.
  4. Why did you not talk about banning the election by the people , not because of huge invalidated candidates but because they are done trying to reform the government and they want to change the regime, especially after the mass murder on bloody November 2019, killing over 1500 protesters, detaining over 7000 people and shooting down the Ukrainian Airplane, killing 176 innocent passengers and flight crew -FYI so many believe they shot down the airplane on purpose and the reason they are not giving up the black box is the fear of truth being released.
  5. You mentioned Coronavirus, but you forgot to mention they have been denying its existence in Iran until two days ago to force people attending their staged elections and they let the news come out when it was already out of their hands. They even could use it as an excuse for election banning by people!

P.S.: This was just a brief response to 12 minutes of lies from Fredrick! You can find out the truth about yesterday’s election here.

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