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Arezou Saaberi
Arezou Saaberi
There comes a time in life when you have to choose whether to turn the page or to close the book!


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The 25-year agreement between Islamic Republic and China was widely covered in media across the world. Since no details have been released officially, everybody is speculating about its impacts. John Bolton, President Trump’s National Security Advisor, called it either just a propaganda or the regime has sold out Iran to China for a bargain! Islamic Republic officials have been mute about the contents of the long-term accord. Advisor to Javad Zarif said the government has “no legal obligation” to reveal the details while Rabiei, Rouhani’s Spokesman, claimed China wants to keep it a secret due to their “concerns with the US.”

This is not the first time the regime uses this tactic to shrug off responsibility.

16 months after November 2019 nationwide protests that Khamenei ordered to “stop it, whatever it takes,” the official number for the dead, injured and detainees remain unknown! 3 months after the brutal crackdown, which Reuters reported 1,500 were killed, Rabiei said “responsible organization will announce the numbers very soon.” He named Islamic Republic’s Medical Examiner Office as the relevant entity. A day earlier, February 18, 2020, Esmaeili, Judiciary Spokesman, emphasized the Interior Ministry’s “Security Council” has been assigned the responsibility! In August 2020, Hesammoddin Ashena, Advisor to Hassan Rouhani, claimed the Interior Ministry hadn’t provided any number to the Islamic Republic President! Immediately, Mahmoud Vaezi, Rouhani’s Chief of Staff, denied Ashena’s claim and confirmed Rouhani had received the numbers. Putting the blame and responsibility on somebody else is a tactic used by Islamic Republic in many occasions.

The same happened with IRGC missiles downing PS752 and killing 176 innocent onboard. The officials passed the baton from one to the other and at the end nobody knows what exactly happened and who is responsible.

The regime’s agreement with China is the latest example in 42 years of hiding the truth from Iranians by the “holy system.” However, that does not stop them from exploring their options to make a long-term deal with Russia too!

Meanwhile, Iranians have made their disapproval clear right after the first reports of such agreement surfaced. They started with an online campaign of “selling Iran is forbidden” in July 2020, and have taken it to social media and streets across the country in the aftermath of the signing ceremony! On social media, various cartoons showing the theocratic regime bending over to the communist government of China, went viral. Javad Zarif, Khamenei, Rouhani and the flag of Islamic Republic were the main subjects of these cartoons.

On the streets, starting from Monday, March 29, people gathered in Karaj, Isfahan, Tabriz, and Tehran. The growing crowds had different slogans with the same concept: “Iran is not for sale.” The chants included, “Death to the treasonous person,” “Every day here, until the contract is terminated,” “Fervent Iranian, support, support,” and so on. Islamic Republic, however, deployed massive number of its oppressive forces to intimidate the protesters, but to no avail. The peaceful demonstrations carried on.

Tuesday, March 30, the protests continued, with larger crowds on both sides, the people and regime goons. Despite Khamenei agents beating protesters, any chance they had, they chanted: “Death to China,” “Death to treasonous person,” and other slogans along those lines. Social media is filled with videos from across the country. Women seems to be at the front line of all protests, making their “Iranian lioness” nickname very fitting.

People have been chanting “every day here,” signaling these gatherings may go on for a while and may spark bigger protests.

Continuous Street Protests in Iran Against 25-year Agreement with China