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Coronavirus is the new Guardian Council: Screening Officials

Guardian Council is the entity in Iran screening potential candidates for any “elections” in Iran. If you don’t believe in Supreme Leader, Islam,… and many other criteria, you can’t become a candidate. Just last week, in the parliament “election” which was boycotted by Iranians, many candidates were disqualified. These days, it looks like Coronavirus has taken its place and infecting officials left and right!

While some of these “confirmed” cases of the officials may well be a lie so that after some time they can say, “see, we had it and we are fine now, it’s nothing worse than flu, so don’t worry about it,” to calm down a full blown panic in the society, or they’re trying to disappear, giving people some hope or for whatever reason, but still! Even if that theory pans out, it means they had lied again just to save their power and sacrifice people in the process.

They hid the COVID-19 arrival into the country for more than 3 weeks. Because they wanted to have a “maximum turnout” on Feb 11 at 41st anniversary of Islamic Republic revolution, and then the sham “election” on Feb 21. They have failed to isolate suspected patients, quarantine towns, provide proper care to confirmed cases,… causing the disease to reach all four corners of the country.
But now, officials’ COVID-19 test results are coming back positive. They’ve all met with each other, foreign representatives, going all the way to highest levels of the regime.

Here is a list of confirmed/suspected officials.

Confirmed (3 positive tests)

Masoumeh Ebtekar: President’s advisor in women affairs has tested positive on Feb 27.

Mojtaba Zonnour: Head of Parliament’s National Security Committee tested positive on Feb 27. He announced it in a video on his social media accounts, claiming he is in quarantine, but he looks totally fine.

Mojtaba Rahmanzadeh: Tehran’s Mayor of Area 13 was the first official to be confirmed. He was in the hospital for 2 weeks for flu. Without any isolation,… His office denied COVID-19 infection until the last minute.
*Note: He’s released from the hospital on Feb 27.

Ilham Fakhri: Tehran’s City Council member was admitted to the hospital on Feb 23.

Two parliament members tested positive on Feb 23. No name was published but they had just returned from a trip abroad.
*Update: There are three more parliament members confirmed.

Harirchi, who dared Qom Rep over the number of dead in Qom, has also posted positive on Feb 25. He is the Deputy Health Minister. “I had fever yesterday….a few minutes ago my final test came back positive. I have isolated myself…. I promise you we will defeat Coronavirus in the next few weeks. I assure you…. This is a democratic virus, it can infect anybody and everybody, officials or not, poor or wealthy….” He posted a video of himself, not looking sick at all.
*Note: He is the one who said quarantine is for pre-WWI era. He claimed China is regretting quarantining the cities, when in fact that’s what prevented a full blown epidemic in the country.
In his last press conference, he was standing with Rabiei, Government’s Spokesman. Also he attended an interview at IRIB the night before.

Mahmoud Sadeghi, a member of parliament, joins the officials with positive Coronavirus test result. He says, “I don’t have much hope living this life anymore.” He adds, “Mr. Raeisi (Head of Judiciary Department), families of political prisoners request their loved ones be given leaves so they can spend these epidemic days with their families.”

Mohammad Mir Mohammadi, a member of Expediency Discernment Council, advisors to the Supreme Leader, died of the virus on March 2. He was diagnosed on Feb 28. He is the highest ranking official who died of COVID-19 to date.

Suspected (1 positive test)

Baghdad Post reported Ismael Qaani, Commander-in-chief of IRGC’s Quds Force is suspected of having COVID-19.

Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, former Tehran City Mayor and Presidential candidate who just was elected into the parliament, is admitted at Firouzgar Hospital in Tehran as a suspected case of Coronavirus.
*Update: His advisor says he has H1N1 and not Coronavirus.

Ali Rabiei, Government’s Spokesman, is suspected of Coronavirus, transferred to the hospital on Feb 25. His office denied the news but the hospital confirmed his admission, and said his next test results will be announced in 24-48hrs.
*Update: His test came back negative on Feb 26.

**This post will be updated as the news surface.**

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