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Death Ordered By PressTV : Haydar Ghorbani

The Islamic Republic intends to execute a person whom even under torture they have not been able to get anything out of him but confessing to being a hostage. With such a confession, we are all hostages. All must be executed.

In the evening of September 30, 2016, at 9:00 PM, the news of three members of IRGC and Basij’s killing was published by Kurdish websites. Roji Kurd reflects the news on the same night like this:

Roji Kurd: According to reporter of the Kurdish section of Roji Kurd, tonight, Friday, September 30, 2016, another local mercenary was killed in East Kurdistan, a local mercenary of the terrorist Iranian regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps was killed.
Roji Kurd reporter from Kamyaran said: “21:00 tonight, Friday, September 30, 2016; A local mercenary in Kamyaran named “Sedeeq Amini” has been killed by unknown individuals and has been punished for his betrayals.”
This local mercenary of the Revolutionary Guards was killed in his garden in the village of “Takht-e-Zangi” in the city of Kamyaran.
Two members of the Revolutionary Guards, Karim and Jabbar, are also said to have been killed, but Roji Kurd’s correspondent did not confirm or deny the news due to lack of accurate information.

In additional news that was released by the same site the next day, October 1, 2016, more details of the identities of the killed people, along with a picture of their mortuary and funeral information was published on the website.

Shortly afterwards, the identities of all three killed on September 30, 2016 were published in the media: Sedeeq Amini, Jabbar Ebrahimi, Shahoo Karimian:

Right to left: Sedeeq Amini, Jabbar Ebrahimi,
Shahoo Karimian

The Zagros Eagles claimed responsibility for the assassination. This group is an armed force that operates in Kurdistan and has posted the news of the armed operations and assassinations that take place on its website within hours.

Sixteen days after the assassination of these three members of IRGC and regional Basij, on Sunday, October 16, 2016, Haydar Ghorbani, along with two others named Hossein Rouhani and Hassan Ghorbani, were arrested by IRGC intelligence agents.

In March of the same year, March 8, 2017, Press TV, the propaganda branch of the regime, a subsidiary of the IRIB, under the direct supervision of Ali Khamenei, broadcasted a 20-minute film entitled “Death Driver.”

In November 2018, HRANA news agency wrote about Haydar Ghorbani’s uncertain situation: “An informed source close to Ghorbani’s family emphasized that the verdict was to be issued only on the basis of his confession. IRGC Intelligence and MOIS have asked the victims’ families to demand the harshest sentence for Haydar Ghorbani in court. After completing the interrogation process, he was transferred from the Intelligence Detention Center to Sanandaj Prison, where he was able to visit his family for the first time. His uncertain situation in prison is despite the fact that his lawyer has not been able to speed up the trial either.”

After 3 years of uncertainty, October 6, 2019, Branch 1 of the Sanandaj Criminal Court charged Haydar Ghorbani with “obtaining a stolen car, affixing the license plate of one car to another, assisting in premeditated murder” and loads of other heavy accusations, and sentenced him to flogging and imprisonment for such a long period of time that no human can survive!

Four months later, the Revolutionary Court of Sanandaj sentenced the Kurdish citizen to death on January 28, 2020.

The same verdict is confirmed in Branch 27 of the Supreme Court in Qom, on August 6, 2020.

As the chronology of these events reveals, all the verdicts in this case are based on confessions obtained from Haydar Ghorbani at the request of Press TV. This product of Press TV is full of discrepancies and issues, and here are some very obvious ones.

In this so-called “documentary”, the date of the assassination of Sedeeq Amini and Jabbar Ebrahimi is announced as October 4, 2016.

However, the picture of their death certificate shows that the mourning ceremony of these people was held on October 2, 2016, two days before their assassination!

Press TV even announced the name of Shahoo Karimian wrongly. The date of his assassination is announced October 8, when Karimian was buried for a week.

Press TV calling one of the killed people with the wrong name, Kamalian instead of Karimian.

Contradictions and awkward staging of this 20-minute film is obvious throughout the entire program. Press TV introduces these three people as “farmers”. Sedeeq Amini, one of the victims is described as a simple farmer who Jabbar Ebrahimi, the second victim in the case, was his “personal driver”.

Even if we close our eyes to all this evidence, Haydar Ghorbani does not confess even in front of the camera and after months of torture. In various parts of the film, he says that he had to obey the orders of the gunmen to save his own life. The situation described by Haydar Ghorbani in front of the camera is exactly the situation of a human being who has been taken hostage.

The Islamic Republic intends to execute a person whom even under torture they have not been able to get anything out of him but confessing to being a hostage. With such a confession, we are all hostages. All must be executed.

Translation of this post by Sahar.

Arezou Saaberi
Arezou Saaberi
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