Events Review: Late December 2019: One month has passed since bloody November, during which the regime has massacred more than 1500 protesters in a most cruel fashion and, despite not giving any exact details of the...
What do you think the western media would broadcast about "the kindest person in the world"?! A hallowed "leader" is all Iran needs right now, right?
Guardian Council is the entity in Iran screening potential candidates for any "elections" in Iran. If you don't believe in Supreme Leader, Islam,... and many other criteria, you can't become a candidate. Just last week, in the...
Lack of legitimacy, maximum pressure, widespread corruption and coronavirus pandemic have made Islamic Republic kneeling on its own neck!
The system is so rotten and inefficient that Jahanpur could be considered as the ideal Spokesperson for its Ministry of Health. Islamic Republic is so incompetent that can't even double check tally of 2 numbers that affect millions of people in the country.
Islamic Republic is struggling. They're afraid of another widespread uprising like what happened in November 2019, and the officials know they wouldn't be able to curtail anything like that ever again!
Iran's nuclear program history, how sanctions started, maximum pressure policy, Coronavirus and Iranians being regime's hostages for decades.
By converting its common, anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic practices into law, the Islamic Republic seeks to create a legal framework for widespread crimes by intelligence forces and Basiji thugs against its opponents and protesters among the general public.
In Iran, however, those days are over. Iranians have figured out regime's ruse as shown it in the November 2019 protests chanting: "Reformist, hardliner, the game is over!"
With more than half of Iran's oil reserves, Khuzestan is neglected by Islamic Republic for 41 years, and if people ask for water, they are labeled and repressed.


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