The Islamic Republic has not yet announced how many people were killed during the protests in November 2019, has not yet publicized the number of detainees.
These days, the cabinet is holding its meetings at the heart of this palace while the world is in the grip of a horrific death and a deadly virus is taking the lives of hundreds of people in the streets of Tehran's metropolis every day.
In one of their first acts, the revolutionaries closed the universities and organized a large-scale cleansing called the "Cultural Revolution."
In Iran, however, those days are over. Iranians have figured out regime's ruse as shown it in the November 2019 protests chanting: "Reformist, hardliner, the game is over!"
What do you think the western media would broadcast about "the kindest person in the world"?! A hallowed "leader" is all Iran needs right now, right?
The world is mired in the deepest humanitarian crisis since World War II due to a deadly virus outbreak, and the Chinese communist government refuses to accept any responsibility for this tragedy inflicted on humanity.
Islamic Republic is struggling. They're afraid of another widespread uprising like what happened in November 2019, and the officials know they wouldn't be able to curtail anything like that ever again!
Nepotism, favoritism and cronyism are inseparable parts of the Islamic Republic's Judiciary system. Political prisoners are the victims of this corrupt system, nobody cares about them because they don't have certain genes.
Instead, it became clear that the regime was no longer able to organize such a large-scale operation in the event of a similar crisis, such as what happened in November 2019.
The judiciary has begun its role as soon as the regime saw the problem is out of their control. Just like they had done it before. This time they ordered police and other bailiffs to deal with people they believe have "gossiped" in the Corona crisis.


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