Saturday, September 19, 2020
166 more COVID-19 deaths in Iran while Rouhani talks about a "mystery" illness in a mystery country! Namaki lies about vaccine again while active cases soar!
Islamic Republic makes matters worse by making wrong decisions, including holding Friday Prayers across the country from next week! COVID-19 cases soar to the highest level!
Officials agree on one thing, the situation is beyond control and if it continues like this thousands more may die of COVID-19 in Iran! But they still want to hold Friday Prayers in Tehran!
Another proof that Islamic Republic stats of COVID-19 in Iran are bogus at best. Tehran and the other 27 provinces are at worst status since the pandemic began!
Definition of judgment in the navid’s case judge: The court is ceremonial to hang people.
Islamic Republic has no plan to curtail COVID-19 crisis which has reached the all-time high, since the pandemic began 7 months ago!
Tehran is in dire situation with increasing number of COVID-19 cases, deaths and admissions! Shortage of hospital beds and exhausted healthcare staff will bring on an unimaginable human catastrophe!
128 more died of COVID-19 in Iran, 28 provinces in critical condition while 12 are experiencing a new peak including Tehran. However, Islamic Republic continues its chaotic decisions!
There is no end to Islamic Republic failures, lies and brutality. Rouhani says lockdown is not the solution without even trying it! Active cases break records again!
Islamic Republic arrests a student and broadcasts his confessions on TV for a video he posted on internet! Namaki's son is a fraud! Active cases break record again!


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