COVID-19 in Iran is unstoppable and each official calls it something different, the mismanagement and chaos are adding to the crisis and coronavirus continue killing 60-80 people every day!
there's no report of what has happened to all the money foreign countries had sent them? Or the 1 billion Euros Khamenei "allowed" to be used for people from National Development Fund?!
Other provinces are on the verge of disaster but the government is not doing anything to prevent more deaths and infection other than gloating over nothing!
Was Konarak ship incident really a friendly fire? Only 19 dead or more than 40? Was IRGC behind the sailors' death? What is the truth?
Asghar Jamalifard, a hardliner who is trying to get into the next Iran's parliament, has created a coalition list to enter the parliament, calling it Anna. They have signed a pact to impeach Rouhani as soon as...
Fooling the mass population through state-owned media have always been a rather successful strategy for the Islamic Republic regime. COVID-19 is changing that, people are losing their loved ones.
While infected cases and deaths are increasing, the Islamic Republic regime thinks it's a soccer game, and they're way ahead of their opponent, US and EU!
A second wave of COVID-19 is on the way which would lead to more families in woe, and there's only one thing to blame for it all: Incompetent, corrupt and brutal regime of Islamic Republic.
Nothing is under control in the world of "Supreme Leader" and his tyrannical regime!
The novel coronavirus has been the unwelcome guest of Iranians for 120 days and it's getting worse by the day. People's loved ones are passing on while Islamic Republic has no plan to stop it.


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