After more than 4 months, Islamic Republic is allowing counties and provinces to decide about their own restrictions and reopening concerning COVID-19. 125 more Iranians passed away today.
With 41 years history of "official" statements as a cover for pure lies, how can anybody believe anything "officials" say?! COVID-19, PS752 and November 2019 protests are just the most recent ones!
There is only one to blame for the death going around the country without any hurdle, Islamic Republic regime and their lies! 109 more Iranians lost their lives to COVID-19.
COVID-19 killed 134 more Iranians. Tehran joins the list of critical provinces but that doesn't stop reopening of movie theaters! More and more cases but officials claim "active cases" are decreasing!
COVID-19 is spreading across the country with no mercy! 133 more Iranians passed away due to Islamic Republic's incompetency, corruption and mismanagement.
Amir Hossein Moradi (25 years old), who was arrested during the protests in November 2019, no longer felt safe. Saeed Tamjidi (27 years old) and Mohammad Rajabi (25 years old) decide to leave the country and go...
COVID-19 has killed 1,133 Iranians in the past 10 days, an average of 113.3 per day. The devastating impact of all these deaths on each family is unimaginable.
Despite novel coronavirus ravaging through the country, the officials hesitate to reimpose restrictions because they're afraid of nationwide unrest due to poverty and starvation!
On average, 111 Iranians have died of COVID-19 in the past 8 days! Catastrophic management of COVID-19, widespread corruption, oppression and brutality in Islamic Republic have caused suffering for millions of Iranians on a daily basis.
COVID-19 seems to have found a hospitable environment. Islamic Republic is in total chaos and doesn't know what to do, just dealing with it on a day to day basis, with no plan whatsoever.


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