COVID-19 has killed 120 more Iranians but Islamic Republic must hold its Friday Prayers in Tabriz, one of the new epicenters in the country. Media blackout continues as Iranians suffer.
While most Persian language media and IRIB are focused on how everything is people's fault, it is not! COVID-19 has never even been managed by the regime, let alone "controlled."
The novel coronavirus has been the unwelcome guest of Iranians for 120 days and it's getting worse by the day. People's loved ones are passing on while Islamic Republic has no plan to stop it.
Khuzestan, Kermanshah, Hormozgan report hospitals at full capacity with COVID-19 patients. Coronavirus is raging through the country but officials only "warn" about reimposing restrictions.
Iran is struggling with COVID-19 spread, 24 of 31 provinces show increased number of cases and for the second day in a row, there are more than 100 deaths in the country.
COVID-19 human catastrophe is not something that could be covered up or manipulated more than it already has. This disaster could shorten the life of Islamic Republic regime.
Rouhani lifts more restrictions even though he admits people are not following health instructions. He also threatens people some restrictions may be reimposed. Regime's Carrot and stick policy on its own people?!
Fooling the mass population through state-owned media have always been a rather successful strategy for the Islamic Republic regime. COVID-19 is changing that, people are losing their loved ones.
COVID-19 numbers may look like small, but this has been going on officially for more than 110 days, and unofficially a few WEEKS before that. But the regime prefers sacrificing people over losing power.
The system is so rotten and inefficient that Jahanpur could be considered as the ideal Spokesperson for its Ministry of Health. Islamic Republic is so incompetent that can't even double check tally of 2 numbers that affect millions of people in the country.


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