Friday, September 18, 2020
"You must starve to death!" This is the order by Amin Vaziri, Deputy Prosecutor, to prisoners' families. The circle of torture and harassment has spread beyond the prison walls.
Work, when the outside temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius (104F) and at work is above 50 degrees Celsius (122F); Work, when wages do not cover living expenses; Work, when the same insufficient wage has not been...
Yesterday, pictures and reports of protests of people of Isfahan in front of the courthouse of this city, located on Nikbakht Street, were published on social networks. The protesters were holding placards. Pictures of five protesters in...
Seven days before his 18th birthday, Abolfazl Karimi was arrested when he was returning from his grandfather's funeral in Robat Karim. Four armed IRGC intelligence agents attacked teenager Abolfazl to arrest him. He thought these people were...
The big cities of Iran once again became the scene regime's repressive forces. Severe clashes in Behbahan, tear gas fired at people, disruption and internet outage.
what we have seen from yesterday until today, in cyberspace, in response to the widespread protests by the government apparatus, draws a pattern of repression that is not limited to cyberspace. The regime has repeatedly used the same tactics to suppress street protests, and will no doubt use the same known methods in the upcoming uprisings.
The regime showed its fear of street protests resurgence by this action; Protests that all observers and sociologists had warned of their impending explosion.
I too feel close to my own death in the same manner that lurk in my mind, in the midst of torture, confessions, sentences, and executions.
She was 14 years old and had to work hard rather than being a child, because her father was religious and she was a poor girl who loved guitar and life.
Unfortunately, international organizations including the human rights ones, stayed quiet for more than 4 months about their death sentence.


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