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Dispute Over the Number of Coronavirus Deaths in Qom

It started when Qom parliament representative, Amirabadi, said “About 50 people are dead in Qom due to Coronavirus including 32 while in quarantine. The first COVID-19 deaths happened on Feb 13, 2020. They informed people too late and there are 250 people in quarantine right now.” He stated all this in a press conference, today Feb 24, 2020.

In response to Amirabadi, Deputy Health Minister, Harirchi said, “We don’t respond to foreign media’s lies and their stats. But when an official from Iran says 50 have died in Qom, we have to respond. We’re sure about the stats we have provided so far. If they can, send us the names of the victims in a classified letter. If the number is even one fourth of what they said, I’ll resign.

Let’s not forget, they have already announced 12 have died because of the disease, which is almost one fourth of 50! So should we wait for his resignation now?!

Amirabadi responded, “I have sent the names to Harirchi, we have to wait for his resignation now!”

After Amirabadi, a former Tehran City Council said the number of dead in Qom is 53, till Feb 24, 2020.

These people are from the same government that hasn’t announced the number of deaths or arrestees from November Iran protests. Or lied to the world about shooting down flight PS752. After 3 days they were forced to reveal the truth because of the overwhelming proofs and pressure from foreign governments.

Nobody should trust a single word coming out of their mouths. They brought in the virus to the country by not stopping the flights to/from China, covered it up for weeks for political reasons, and now people are paying the price.

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