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Earthquake, Russia Interests, Protests, Oppression, TB in Prison,…


  • Devastating earthquake in Hormozgan province
  • People living in stables with expensive rent
  • Islamic Republic reports to Russia about Doha meeting
  • “Internet protection bill” ready for vote
  • Retirees protests continue across Iran
  • Tuberculosis and Cholera spreading
  • Child marriage and suicides
  • Manouchehr Bakhtiari deprived of medical care
  • Khaled Pirzadeh, political prisoner, in dire health condition
  • Nahid Taghavi, political prisoner, suffering from herniated disk, deprived of medical care
  • Hassan Shamaizadeh’s house confiscated

5 dead, 84 injured…

According to local reports, at 2:02AM the continuous quakes began with the biggest being 6.1M in Sayeh Khvosh village in Bandar Lengeh County. Locals say more than 80% of the village is destroyed, people are outside in the 94+ F degree weather without any air conditioning or support from the regime. Just hours after the incident, the Islamic Republic officials reported 5 have been killed and 84 injured with 15 being admitted to hospitals. They announced the end of search and rescue operation!

2million Toman Rent to Live in Stables

They could only afford this much to live in Isfahan. They pay 2million toman per month to live in a stable, 10 minutes from downtown, without electricity or water. Their 8-yo daughter recently drowned when trying to bring water from a well nearby. Poverty has spread to every family across the country. According to an official, 25% of Iran population are living in the margins of the cities. Yousefi, member of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, reported more than 20million homeless citizens in February 2022. Unemployment soars to new records, as does USD price against IRR. Some companies take advantage of the situation, “hiring” women with specific criteria, only to exploit them sexually.

Russia Receives Report

The Russian Mission in Vienna tweeted the photo of meeting between Islamic Republic’s Deputy Foreign Minister and his Russian counterpart. It received backlash from experts. Bagheri-Kani reported the negotiations in Doha to Russians before sending such reports to the Islamic Republic “Parliament!” One expert said: “The photo shouldn’t have been published. Russians are playing with the West, showing the Islamic Republic won’t do anything without Russia’s green light.”

In 2 Weeks…

Elahian, a member of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, announced that the “Internet Protection” bill, which censors the internet, requires all internet users to register and identify themselves to intelligence apparatus of the regime, will be put to vote on the floor of the “parliament” in the next 2 weeks. According to local reports, internet has been extremely slow in the past few weeks, with VPNs and proxy servers being unusable. Many speculate the situation is a preface to implementing the “bill!”

Protesting with Shrouds

Social Security retirees and pensioners continue their nationwide protests. Dezful, Ahvaz, Shush, Kerman,… had crowded gatherings. Islamic Republic oppressive forces facing protesters in most cities, leading to clashes. In Shush, protesters were wearing shrouds, indicating they’re ready to die for their demands.

TB & Cholera Threatening Lives

Islamic Republic officials’ ignorance to human lives has resulted in TB spreading in “Tehran Women’s Prison”, also known as Gharchak. At first 4 were diagnosed, but never quarantined, leading to more than 40 suspected cases, with nothing being done to control the deadly and infectious disease. At the same time, Cholera has become a major concern for healthcare professionals, especially in the Western provinces. In Kurdistan alone, 30 have been diagnosed so far. Experts believe the disease could spread to other provinces very soon.

Child Marriage Leads to Suicides…

In Saqez, Kurdistan province, in 1 week, 2 victims of child marriage committed suicide and died. 16 and 17 years old females had been forced to marry and none of their objections were heard by their families. According to Medical Examiner office, more than 7% of all suicides in Iran are committed by minors.

Father of Pouya Bakhtiari in Danger

Manouchehr Bakhtiari is refused medical furlough despite medical recommendations. The Islamic Republic officials have asked for 6Billion Toman bail! Manouchehr’s son, Pouya, an iconic victim of the Islamic Republic oppressive forces in November 2019 protests, has been prosecuted for seeking justice for his son and sentenced to 3.5 years in prison.

Khaled Prizadeh’s Life in Imminent Danger

The political prisoner has been on several hunger strikes, one of them lasting more than 2 months. He’s been exiled to Ahvaz Central Prison from Tehran. He suffers from severe gastrointestinal and kidney problems. He has lost more than 80lbs. However, Islamic Republic officials refuse to send him on medial furlough or provide him any care.

Nahid Taghavi Deprived of Medical Care

The German-Iranian dual citizen who was in solitary confinement for months is deprived of medical care. She suffers from herniated disks and carpal tunnel syndrome but is only provided with pain killers!

Hassan Shamaizadeh’s House Confiscated

The pre-revolution singer lost his house in Tehran to Islamic Revolutionary Court because according to the judge, “the money used to purchase the house was from singing, and it was ‘haram’ -forbidden in Islam.”


Official covid-19 stats

Total deaths
Updated on February 7, 2023 2:59 PM
Total recovered
Updated on February 7, 2023 2:59 PM
Total confirmed cases
Updated on February 7, 2023 2:59 PM
Total active cases
Updated on February 7, 2023 2:59 PM


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