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Thursday, February 9, 2023

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German Foreign Ministry’s Classified Report on Iran Revolution

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Murder of MohammadMehdi Karami & Mohammad Hosseini

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“Either Death or Life!” – Protests, Strikes, Crackdown


  • Shopkeepers strike and retirees protests continue
  • Islamic Republic threatens IAEA Chief
  • US expresses concern over “Zuljanah” launch
  • UN Experts alarmed by Islamic Republic crackdown of civil society
  • Maryam Karimbeigi deprived of visitation rights and on hunger strike

“How long living with indignity? Either death or life!”

Retirees continue their nationwide protests which intensifies every day. Today, in Shushtar in front of the governor office, they chanted: “How long living with indignity? Either death or life,” which refers to the horrible living condition of Iranians these days. Unleashed inflation has caused prices of the most basic needs become unaffordable for the majority of population. In another slogan, in Lorestan, retirees pointed the blame at Raisi, mockingly chanted: “You illiterate, messed up the economy!”

The Islamic Republic tries to control the inflation with the most outdated methods, such as “closing accounts with more than 500million toman transaction in a year,” or ordering the media to exaggerate the “good news!” It has also imposed the highest tax rate on private shops which led to widespread strike of shopkeepers. It started in Arak and Tehran, expanded to Kazerun, Shiraz, Minab, and other cities.

“Grossi Must be Careful!”

IAEA Chief in an interview with Al-Arabiya announced the negotiations with the Islamic Republic to revive JCPOA has reached a dead-end. Rafael Grossi rebuked the regime for not providing necessary answers to the UN agency adding cutting off the agency’s cameras in nuclear sites as a sign of provocation. It immediately incited the IRGC-affiliated media to censor his answers and publish unrealistic reports with ridiculous titles. Fars News wrote: “Grossi: Iran has no plan to build nuclear weapon,” which was disseminated across all state-media. Today, AEOI spokesperson threatened the chief: “Grossi must be careful not to make the relationship between agency’s members sour! He must remain apolitical and talk about technical matters only!”

“Zuljanah” Amid Tensions

As tensions between Tehran and the West over the nuclear program and malign behavior of the regime in the region intensifies, Islamic Republic Defense Ministry is preparing for another rocket launch. “Zuljanah”, a space rocket capable of carrying 220kg load to the sub-orbital flight. It was unveiled in February 2021 in Semnan Space Center. The Defense Ministry’s Space Program Spokesman said 2 more launches are on the way. US Department of State Spokesman expressed his country’s concern over the event, calling it “provocative!” Ned Price also announced President Biden’s trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia next month, which Israelis have embraced: “We hope Biden’s trip will be a solution to the danger that Iran poses.” Price also conveyed extensive coalition with the GCC+3 and Israel to deter the Islamic Republic’s “menace!” He added: “It is Iran funding proxies, it is Iran that funds terrorist groups, it’s Iran that fuels instability (in the region).”

“5 Dead in Recent Protests!”

While Islamic Republic officials claim: “Islamic Republic defends human rights,” UN Human Rights Experts in a statement said: “We are alarmed at the recent escalation of allegedly arbitrary arrests of teachers, labour rights defenders and union leaders, lawyers, human rights defenders and other civil society actors.” The statement mentions at least 5 have been killed by the Islamic Republic oppressive forces and use of excessive force by the regime in the wake of any gathering. “We are deeply concerned that first response by the authorities is that of security, involving the excessive use of force against protestors, with what appears to be an active policy to shield perpetrators and prevent accountability!”

“She’s on Hunger Strike”

Shahnaz Akmali, in a video message, described her most recent ordeal, the arrest of her daughter, Maryam Karimbeigi. She also noted that Maryam is being held in the dreaded MOIS detention center in Evin prison and is on hunger strike. Today, Shahnaz Akmali tweeted that Maryam has been charged with “conspiracy to organizing gatherings against the regime” and is held captive despite the promise of release on bail. She was also not allowed to meet with Maryam, “I have no idea about her situation. Whatever happens to my daughter, the Islamic Republic is responsible.”

In solidarity with Maryam, Aarsham Rezaei, political prisoner in Rajai Shahr prison, announced he will go on hunger strike until Maryam in released. It is noteworthy, Maryam’s brother was killed 13 years ago in 2009 protests, and since then the family has been demanding justice for their son.


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