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Empty Promises, Big Lies


  • Transportation fares in Tehran increase by up to 35%
  • Workers unable to rent a room
  • Medicine prices unleashed, Internet rose 60%
  • 13-year-old girl committed suicide due to poverty
  • Scandalous shopping trip to Turkey by the Islamic Consultative Assembly Speaker’s family
  • Another prisoner’s life in danger
  • COVID-19 and Qadr nights

Unimaginable Price Hikes…

Taxi fares are up by 35%. Metro, bus and minibus fares in the capital also jump by an average of 25% from the year before. The new fare goes into effect from tomorrow, April 21, 2022.

A worker with 650,000 toman housing allowance, must pay 1-2million toman monthly rent for a single room on a roof with shared bathroom which requires 20 million toman security deposit!

Baby formula is up 160%, and inhaler spray Seretide by 1000%. Even domestic medications have gone up by 40%. Some drugs are scarce and ibuprofen has doubled. According to Islamic Republic officials, the subsidized currency rate for medicine has not even been stopped yet. Meanwhile, the ICT Ministry officially announced internet packages rise by 60%. A rep at the Islamic Republic “parliament” claimed internet is sold at the same price as Angola. However, he failed to mention Angola is ranked 62 (almost free) and Iran is 16 (100% censored) in terms of freedom of access. One of the main Raisi’s promises during the sham election was “free internet for poor families!”

Fatemeh Khoshbayan Committed Suicide

The 13-year-old from Kohgiloyeh-Boyerahmad province killed herself due to poverty. The suicide rate has been increasing year by year nationwide. Today was her funeral. Kohgiloyeh-Boyerahmad and Ilam are at the top of the list of provinces with the most suicides in Iran.

Wife and Daughter of Ghalibaf in Turkey

The two traveled to buy “baby stuff” for the grandchild of the Islamic Republic “parliament” Speaker! The social media reaction to the photos has been so overwhelming for the regime that Ghalibaf’s son was forced to react and “apologized” for the trip, calling it “against my father’s wishes!” Ghalibaf had criticized other officials for “shopping for baby stuff abroad.”

At the same time, Islamic Republic officials push for the “Supreme Leader’s Internet Protection Plan”. The plan has faced backlash too. It will censor the internet for Iranians and all internet users will have to ID themselves to the intelligence and military apparatuses of the regime.

Majid Keshvari Committed Suicide in Prison

The inmate in Greater Tehran Prison has been refused medical care for his pilonidal cyst for several months. Instead of taking him to a hospital, he was taken to a psychiatric ward. Behnam Mahjoubi had revealed being brutally tortured in psychiatric hospital. He was also refused medical care.

COVID-19 and Qadr Nights

Officials warn about the crowded gatherings during Qadr nights indoors and emphasize the current low numbers is not the end of COVID-19 in Iran. Slow and low vaccination continues to be source of concern for health professionals. According to official stats, 26,844,730 (31.95% of Iran population) have received 3 doses of vaccines, mostly COVIran Barekat and Sinopharm.


Official covid-19 stats

Total deaths
Updated on June 4, 2023 7:58 PM
Total recovered
Updated on June 4, 2023 7:58 PM
Total confirmed cases
Updated on June 4, 2023 7:58 PM
Total active cases
Updated on June 4, 2023 7:58 PM


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