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Investigation Into Poisoning of Schools in Iran:

Female Students Under Chemical Attack – 3 Months of Impunity

Islamic Republic attacking female students of all grades with chemicals, poisoning them for months with impunity.

“Serial poisonings” of students in all grades began months ago. According to state media reports, the first case of mass poisoning was in Qom on November 30, 2022. The horrific attacks have been ongoing without any tangible reaction from the officials. Reports indicate that at least 78 schools, both boys and girls, in 12 provinces across Iran have been targeted. The main questions surrounding these terrorist acts are: Who is behind it? Why would anybody poison schoolgirls? And what is being done to stop these senseless attacks?

After the first incident, where 18 high school girls were poisoned, Islamic Republic officials promised to investigate and announce the cause on December 9. Noor Technical School was attacked again, on December 13, with 51 victims this time! ISNA reported an “unknown cause, while everybody is still waiting for the reason behind the previous bout of poisons in the school!”

After 3 months, Zahra Sheikhi, a member of Health Commission at Islamic Republic “Parliament”, on March 1, 2023, provided an answer: “Poison in schools is undeniable!” An improvement from a few weeks prior where officials from Qom, center of the serial poisonings, have categorically denied any poison in screening of 34 schools: “All tests and specimens were negative except 1, which we have not received its results yet!” Amirabadi, Qom’s “representative” in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, had categorized the reports as “exaggeration” and reaction to “phobias!”

Meanwhile, involvement of Islamic Republic’s MOIS and IRGC intelligence in “investigating” of this “phobia”, “exaggeration” and “CO poisoning” has been confirmed by officials. Their involvement and downplaying of the situation made more sense when a group called “Sacrificers of Velayat” (Fadaian-e-Velayat) took responsibility for the terrorist attacks: “Girls are not allowed to go to school as it is ‘haram’ (forbidden in Islam) and equals armed resistance against Imam Zaman. All girls’ schools across Iran must shut down!”

Similarities between the “serial acid attacks” in Isfahan 8 years ago and these days’ “serial poisonings” are undeniable. “Commanding Good & Forbidding Evil Commanders” going around the cities attacking women with acid with impunity. Khamenei’s Representative in Isfahan still condones those attacks and encourage them every now and then. After 8 years, only the people publishing the news of attacks were arrested. Who else could have escaped justice for so long other than regime’s goons?

March 1, 2023 was the worst day. According to some reports, more than 28 schools across the country were targeted. 11 in Ardabil province, 14 in Tehran, 2 in Kermanshah, 1 in Karaj! In Ardabil, more than 400 students were taken to hospital, with more than 30 of them still under treatment.

In Tehran, several videos went viral. From protesting parents in front of schools with “Death to Dictator” to one where Islamic Republic plainclothes thugs viciously attacking a worried mother.

The video of violent beating of the mother forced IRGC-media to react quickly, but with two different uncoordinated and contradictory stories:

TasnimNews, affiliated with IRGC Intelligence Org, reported 4 unknown subjects “involved in the incident” were arrested. It did confirm the lady was parent of a student. On the other hand, FarsNews, affiliated with IRGC, fabricated its own story, saying the 54-year-old lady was not a parent and was trying to rile up other parents to chant against the regime and riot!

Witness accounts from the March 1 attacks in Tehran, could clarify more on the subject of “who is behind it all?!” One of the victims’ mother was quoted in one of the state media:

“What I heard from the children’s parents and eyewitnesses was about two women with “special features” who ran away from the school while a car was waiting for them, and despite the fact that people tried to catch them, they were unsuccessful, and the women ran away. […] My child was a little nauseated, but now she is better, but I saw children who were much worse. They were foaming at the mouth, vomiting, and their eyes were burning and teary. […] Something like tear gas. […] The plainclothes were saying don’t chant, take the children.” The “special feature” of tear gas is that it is at the disposal of repressive forces and plainclothes forces.

March 2, 2023 and more poisonings. 48 schoolgirls were poisoned and transported to hospital. Ardabil Governor said “thankfully, nothing bad happened!” As if hundreds of students being traumatized every day is not “bad” enough. Meanwhile, University campuses have not been immune to these terrorist attacks. Tonight, Universities Student Union announced Karaj’s “17 Shahrivar dormitory” of female students was attacked. “Despite the bad smell and symptomatic patients, the officials at the dorm do not allow the students to go out.”

While the “investigation is still ongoing,” and according to the Islamic Republic Interior Minister “nobody has been arrested yet”, “there was no toxin involved,” “It’s all psychological effects on students and parents”, Ensieh Khazali points us towards the end of this scenario orchestrated by the regime. Islamic Republic’s Vice-President in Women’s Affairs announced the results of the inquiry by the “special committee” before it is assembled: “A special committee has been scrambled to investigate the root of the students poisonings. The enemy has created the poisonings and continues to flare it up!”

Now we get closer to know the answers to the questions:
Who? We don’t know for sure, but Islamic Republic does not want to know them either! The untouchables under regime’s intelligence apparatus’ control and protection. The same apparatus which got involved in the investigations from day one.
Why? Since September 16, 2022 and start of the Iran Revolution, Islamic Republic’s oppressive forces showed their true face to the world: violent, brutal, cruel. Regime has tried many times to excuse their behavior by portraying the anti-regime protesters and freedom fighters as “terrorists!” It tried in Izeh and Shahcheragh, both of which were defeated. The MOIS and other intelligence organizations of the theocratic regime are taking another shot by poisoning defenseless children and blaming the “enemy!”
What is being done to stop them? If history is any indication, nothing! Eventually, a few innocent or low level “thugs” will be forced to confess in front of cameras that they were paid by the “enemies of the Islamic Republic” to carry out the attacks!

In the meantime, Association of Teachers Unions of Iran has announced gatherings of teachers across the country to protest the senseless act and demand answers on Tuesday, March 7, 2023.

Western media continue to regurgitate the reports of state media as if in the past 44 years, regime has allowed any truth to come out! US State Department made a weak statement demanding the regime “to stop the poisonings,” just like their ask of Taliban was answered favorably. These terrorist attacks must be answered by the world powers’ might, yesterday!

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