Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Formalities to Execute Navid Afkari

Today, September 16, 2020, Iran Human Rights Organization released a 1 minute and 34 seconds of Navid Afkari’s defense in court. In this audio file, which does not specify which of champion Navid court session is, the judge gives a clear definition of the nature of Islamic Republic courts: a purely ceremonial institution. In this definition, the court is not a place to find the truth and enforce the law and justice, the court and all the means of presenting documents and proving the crime have only “ceremonial” aspects. Navid insisted they show him the video recorded by the CCTV camera of Mr. Moslem Rahimi’s shop on Tohid Street (Dariush), which allegedly he’s seen in it. The judge refused his request. Evades to respond and uses chicanery. Navid asks what is the reason for including this LCD in the court room. The judge does not answer the question, but instead unveils the face of corrupt and criminal system of the Islamic Republic Judiciary. Judgment made; Before the end of the court hearings! The judge speaks of formalities that have only one purpose, and that is to throw a rope around the neck of champion Navid Afkari. Definition of judgment in the navid’s case judge:
The court is ceremonial to hang people.

Translation of this post by Sahar.

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