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“Either Death or Life!” – Protests, Strikes, Crackdown

Shopkeepers strike and retirees protests continueIslamic Republic...

From the Infamous Disease to the 7th Prayer

Khamenei came in front of cameras among the flowers, plants, and birds. Wherever he was, it wasn’t the Islamic Republic of Corona. The message environment pointed at the wishes of the people of crowded, polluted metropolis, where they all have gardens and plant seeds on sunny days. Where people have the luxury to be far far away from the death, disease, pollution and poverty, where they all have no understanding of the catastrophe.

Khamenei sent a message that this disaster is not a big deal. I can’t imagine how somebody who has lost a mother, father, wife or child felt listening to those words. How painful it has been, and what wrath and hatred have filled his/her soul.

Khamenei gave a message and advised the Iranian people to confront Coronavirus by being prayerful to Imams and the Prophet and saying this prayers:

“The 7th prayer of Sajjadiyeh is a very good and meaningful prayer.”

Iran is a vast country. Iranians have different religions, many do not believe in any religion …

Now I think of that Christian, Jew, Zoroastrian, and Atheist. What is going on inside an Iranian who is not a Shiite, hearing this message? Aren’t they Iranian? Or that their lives are not at risk and have not been exposed to COVID-19? The disease, Khamenei himself brought to Iran causing an epidemic.

He is called the “Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic” but he himself at occasions like this clearly reveals the fact that he is nothing more than a “ringleader”, a criminal gang leader.

In a free Iran, Muslims will no doubt be a minority.

This is not speculation. It’s a fact that has been proven statistically.

According to a credible and comprehensive study of the Muslim community living in Germany published in 2012, the Iranian immigrant community of Germany created an exception among 48 other Islamic communities. Less than 50% of Iranian immigrants living in Germany believe in Islam, with Muslims forming a religious minority among Iranians. It should be noted that it is the “whole Islam” and not just the Shiite! The largest statistical population among Iranian immigrants with 38%, belong to people who do not believe in any religion. Religiousness among Iranian immigrants is almost nonexistent. One-third are not “believer” at all, and only 10% are very religious. 72% would not attend any religious ceremony.

In a country where atheism is infidelity, and one who renounces the religion that was attributed to him at birth is considered an apostate and is sentenced to death, in a country where not only does no human have freedom of religion, but everyone is held captive of a dark belief and lives in horror, in such a country statistics and numbers have no use in describing the number of “official” religion followers. It is in freedom that numbers become meaningful and it is in freedom that humanity begins.

There is no doubt that in free Iran, Muslims will be a minority, a minority which would be better than the current fragile majority, a minority whose religion is also qualitatively superior to the insidious displays of Khamenei’s followers, showoffs that have only one purpose: pretending to be the dominant quantity.

From this point of view, the words of Naimeh Ishraqi, granddaughter of Khomeini, about the quality of her daughter’s prayers in Canada manifest the truth: “There are conditions and an environment where my daughter can strengthen her faith and beliefs. The quality of prayer in Canada is far greater than in Iran. ” What other than freedom can lead to this qualitative superiority? Here, I do not want to discuss whether she’s lying or not. I don’t want to go into details that this hell made of Friday Prayer, wailing, religious ceremonies, executions, flogging  and torture in Iran comes from the mind of her grandfather who used to perform the purest prayers of all!

I remember the words of a mother who was a believer and prayed regularly. When she returned to Iran from a visit to her son who lived in an Scandinavian country, Iran with her son, she said with excitement: “They are real Muslims (the Europeans).”

The “real” is the keyword of this simple and crude statement. In freedom, not only Muslims, but atheists and followers of all religions get closer to their reality, to their human truth.

This is a translation of this post by Sahar.

Arezou Saaberi
Arezou Saaberi
There comes a time in life when you have to choose whether to turn the page or to close the book!


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