Sunday, February 28, 2021
Analysis Germany's Appeasement Policy Must End!

Germany’s Appeasement Policy Must End!

It's time for appeasement policy to come to an end in regards to Islamic Republic regime. Germany must support the democracy movement in Iran!


The Iranian regime has continued its brutal repression policy by executing the wrestler Navid Afkari. There is no need for diplomatic receptions anymore. It is better for Heiko Mass to withdraw his invitation and instead invite the Iranians at exile.

The executioners in Tehran probably feared that the international protest would become even bigger.

The death sentence of 27 years old wrestler, Navid Afkari, was carried out on Saturday, September 12, 2020. Under tortures, he had confessed to killing an official during the Iran protests against the regime. The Islamic regime considered a barbaric punishment for the alleged murder: 74 lashes, six years in prison then the death sentence, but he was executed a few days after his sentence was upheld. His family was not allowed to see him for the last time or participate in his funeral.

In order to intimidate the people and suppress any further protest in the country, the Iranian regime continues its massive repression against dissidents with execution of the protesters. At the same time, Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif is preparing a trip to Europe and has planned to visit Germany. He might be welcomed by Maas in Berlin in the coming week. But there must be no nice photo and conversations with Afkari’s murderer.

Maas should take a stand now. He should consider withdrawing his invitation from Zarif and instead welcome exiled opposition figures at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ office. The federal government must demand the release of all political prisoners and finally show its unequivocal solidarity with the democracy movement in Iran, which is fighting for living in freedom.

It is totally unacceptable to treat the criminal regime with diplomatic courtesy and high honor receptions. We need individual sanctions against all judges and judicial officials of the Islamic Republic involved in arbitrary arrests, killings and torturing prisoners. There is a need for attention to those who are in immediate danger of execution and for the people of Iran who are suffering under their regime.

The domination mechanism is well known: the regime kills not only opponents, but also gay people and drug traffickers. It systematically excludes women and forces them to wear headscarf. It finances terrorism in the Middle East and calls for destruction of Israel as a target. Business with the Islamic regime should no longer be important to the Federal Government. The policy of appeasement towards the Iranian regime must finally come to an end.

*Note from IranTrue: The aforementioned trip by Zarif to Europe was reportedly canceled after this publication on original outlet.

Translation of an article published on Welt written by Frederik Schindler


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