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“Either Death or Life!” – Protests, Strikes, Crackdown

Shopkeepers strike and retirees protests continueIslamic Republic...

Growing Concern Over Secret Execution of Five Protesters in Isfahan

Yesterday, pictures and reports of protests of people of Isfahan in front of the courthouse of this city, located on Nikbakht Street, were published on social networks. The protesters were holding placards. Pictures of five protesters in Dec 2017 whose death sentences were upheld by the Supreme Court, along with the words “immediate abolition of the death penalty,” (لغو فوری اعدام) were on the placards.

On social media, the combination of the three words hashtag #لغو_فوری_اعدام has become a tool of protest in cyberspace. Social media users and Iranian citizens on the streets are concerned about the secret execution of Mehdi Salehi Ghaleh Shahrokhi, Mohammad Bastami, Majid Nazari Kondari, Hadi Kiani and Abbas Mohammadi.

The protests came after the five detainees lost contact with their families. According to sources in the Human Rights Organization of Iran, the five have been cut off from their families for the past two days.

Judiciary officials in the city of Isfahan have caused great concern and anxiety to the families of these detained protesters. They have deliberately instilled in their hearts the fear that the execution of their loved ones will take place soon.

This behavior of Isfahan province Judiciary is a clear example of psychological torture of the relatives of these five protesters, as well as the entire Iranian civil society, who showed in recent days how much they are concerned about these five Dec 2017 protesters’ fate, despite regime’s manipulation and disruption of Internet in Isfahan.

Translation of this post by Sahar.

Arezou Saaberi
Arezou Saaberi
There comes a time in life when you have to choose whether to turn the page or to close the book!

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