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“Hijab Wall, Regime Wall – Talk About Their Fall”


  • IRGC media claims the injured woman by the regime agent, arrested in less than 12hrs
  • Iranian social media users identified the regime agent
  • Hijab: “Responsibility of security forces”
  • Several stores were forced to shut down per “sharia laws”
  • Family members of November 2019 victims: “We’re not afraid of you!”
  • Farah Pahlavi, former Queen of Iran, supports civil disobedience of Iranians
  • Babak Dadbakhsh sends out a letter from prison rebuking the Islamic Republic
  • Daily protests continue in Iran
  • COVID-19 soars across the country

“Hijab Commander” Bites the Victim, Victim Arrested

According to a video circulating on social media, a woman in a BRT bus in Tehran was targeted by one of the Islamic Republic “hijab commanders” and was bitten. But she defended herself and other women on the bus joined in, kicking the attacker out of the bus. Before getting off the bus, she threatened she would “send the video (of the woman) to IRGC!” Fars News, IRGC media, announced arrest of the victim in less than 24 hours. In the first report, Fars claimed the incident happened a month ago, but then issued a “correction” saying it was July 16, 2022, 8:42AM.

Attacker Identified

Iranian Twitter users, in a collective effort, identified the attacker as Rayehe Rabiei, daughter of Efat Nobari, who is “professor of Persian literature” in college. Her father, Reza Rabiei, and several other of her family are members of the Basij, a branch of IRGC. She posted several stories on her Instagram decrying to be alone on the bus with nobody paying attention to her! She goes on to say “the woman had nothing on her head, this is against Islam,….” She deactivated her account after posting these:

Hijab Classifications

Fars News classified women with “bad hijab” into 6 categories: “adolescents, fashionistas, following the norm, mannequins, ones with no chastity, law breakers!” The IRGC-affiliated media have also attributed “mental illnesses” to some of these categories. But, it has assigned “intelligence and security apparatus” to the last 3! Islamic Republic officials have intensified their efforts in “controlling bad hijab” in the country. They call hijab as “one of the main strongholds for the regime”: “If the hijab wall collapses, all the other walls of the regime will fall too.”

Forcing Stores to Close Continues

Several more stores were forced to shut down because “they did not follow sharia laws!” 2 gyms in Iran Mall in Tehran were ordered to close, and 2 were arrested because they held mixed gender classes! A wedding venue in Arak was closed because it held a wedding the night before anniversary of “Imam Sadegh’s Martyrdom!” Sadegh was the sixth Imam of Shia faction.

“You Should Be Afraid of Us!”

Ebrahim Ketabdar’s mom, one of the family members who was arrested on July 11 and released afterward, published this video, explaining nothing, even prison, would stop the families of November 2019 victims from seeking justice for their loved ones:

Meanwhile, Peyman Gholipour, Pejman’s brother, who was killed in November 2019, published stories on Instagram about his mom, Mahboubeh Ramezani. “My mom has always demanded justice for Pejman. We have nothing to lose after November 2019. They are afraid of her. They had sentenced her to 100 lashes, but had no excuse to arrest her. They found the excuse on the eve of No2Hijab campaign, even though, the gathering was a routine monthly gathering of the victims’ families. She’s held in solitary confinement. The regime is terrified of her, because she never stops talking about Pejman.”

According to human rights activists, Islamic Republic Judiciary has issued a “temporary detention order” for Mahboubeh Ramezani, Nahid Shirpisheh and Rahimeh Yousefzadeh for 1 month.

“I’m Proud of Iranian Men and Women’s Fight”

Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi urged Iranians to unite against the regime. She said the “courage and determination of men and women of Iran is bigger than the oppressors’ power!”. She rebuked the Islamic Republic for oppressing all Iranians from all walks of life and violating human rights. She also supported the Iranian women in their quest to defend their rights.

“1 Minute Court!”

Babak Dadbakhsh who was arrested in 2018 for “illegal ownership of guns,…” has released another open letter rebuking the Islamic Republic court system, judge and lack of due process. Mr. Dadbakhsh addressed the regime’s “Supreme Leader” and head of Judiciary saying his court took only 1 minute, he only had a lawyer for 1 minute and the judge had already made up his mind about his case because the security forces had fabricated all documents for his “crimes!” He wrote he’s been tortured physically and psychologically.

More Protests

Across the country, daily protests of retirees continues. They demand the Islamic Republic to increase their wage and benefits and follow the law. Months of protests by teachers, retirees and pensioners have been responded by oppression and arrests. Meanwhile, July 16, residents of Urmia took it to streets protesting the regime and its destructive environmental policies for allowing the Urmia Lake dry out. Several arrests were made and clashes were reported.

COVID-19 Soars Again

As Omicron’s subvariants spread throughout Iran, Islamic Republic continues to hide the facts and true statistics. According to official numbers, 13 have died in the past 24 hours, but experts believe the reported numbers are 1/7 of the true stats. More cities are upgraded to “red and orange” status. Meanwhile, Islamic Republic is preparing for crowded Muharram gatherings and travel of thousands of “pilgrims” to Iraq “shrines!”


Official covid-19 stats

Total deaths
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Total recovered
Updated on June 4, 2023 8:59 PM
Total confirmed cases
Updated on June 4, 2023 8:59 PM
Total active cases
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