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Hunger Strike of 72 Freedom Fighters Detained During November 2019 Uprising

"You must starve to death!" This is the order by Amin Vaziri, Deputy Prosecutor, to prisoners' families. The circle of torture and harassment has spread beyond the prison walls.

Amin Vaziri, the deputy prosecutor and superintendent in charge of political prisoners, whose office is located in Evin Prison, is a young, new, ambitious and criminal figure in the Islamic Republic Judiciary system. Vaziri seems to have followed in the footsteps of his role model, Ibrahim Raisi in the dark 1980s.

This young human rights violator is the same person who cut off the communication between women prisoners (Athena Daemi, Samaneh Norouz Moradi, Soheila Hijab, Narges Mohammadi, Saba Kordafshari, Monira Arabshahi, Yasman Ariani and Mojgan Keshavarz) with their families in January 2020 following their protests. When the families gathered in front of the prison after nine days of uncertainty, he told them that yes, he had deliberately cut them off so that they’d be punished. In doing so, he mentally tortured both the prisoners and their families. He created a new case for Athena Daemi in the same prison on charges of “conspiracy and disorderly conduct.” Amin Vaziri suffers from sadism. This disorder is now clearly manifested in his treatment of the protesters who were arrested during the bloody uprising of November 2019 and transferred to the Greater Tehran Prison.

Today, Sunday, August 16, 2020, according to HRANA news agency, 72 prisoners in Fashafoyeh went on hunger strike. They have written to us. The names of these 72 are engraved at the foot of this letter. The list of names begins with the names of fighters such as Saeed Tamjidi, Amir Hossein Moradi, Mohammad Rajabi. In this letter, they announce the beginning of their hunger strike and the reason for it:

You must starve to death

Given that even the head of the Judiciary has agreed to our leave, Amin Vaziri, the representative of the prosecutor and the superintendent of political prisoners, has opposed this emergency leave that could save our lives and explicitly responds to our parents, who say, “why have you imprisoned our breadwinners,” he says “you must starve to death!”

Amin Vaziri tells the families of the prisoners who are worried about the lives of their loved ones and their breadwinners: “You must starve to death!” He is no longer satisfied with just the punishment of prisoners. The circle of torture and harassment of people has spread beyond the prison walls. Not only prisoners, but also their families and relatives have been victims of punishment and torture by the “Deputy Prosecutor.”

As a result, 72 political prisoners, November 2019 freedom fighters, have not accepted their morning, noon and night meals as of today, and have stated in a letter to prison officials that they are protesting against not being sent on leave due to the coronavirus outbreak and substandard situation in Greater Tehran Prison and therefore, have gone on a mass hunger strike and will continue to do so until their demands are met.

The detainees’ letter whom were arrested at November 2019 nationwide protests and the names of strikers:

We are on strike from today. The strike is in protest of the violation of political prisoners rights and the insistence on chaining justice-seeking people in these deplorable health conditions in this remote prison, which lacks the necessary standards for human detention. The bottom line is that none of us are guilty and it is our right to protest.
The ones who have caused high prices and the catastrophic economic situation are guilty. We demanded our rights and vulnerable people’s. We demanded life and were sentenced to gradual death in this exile. Where there are no basic facilities for human life.
The health condition of this prison has become more dangerous due to the coronavirus outbreak and overcrowding, which has made social distancing impossible. That is why the lives of thousands of people in this prison are in danger.
However, given that even the head of Judiciary has agreed to our leave, Amin Vaziri, the representative of the prosecutor and the superintendent of political prisoners, has opposed this emergency leave that could save our lives and explicitly responds to our parents who say “why have you imprisoned our breadwinners” saying  “you must starve to death!”

So we prefer to die by striking to die from a virus that resembles the oppressive and corrupt system.

Signed by:

1. Saeed Tamjidi 2. Amir Hossein Moradi 3. Mohammad Rajabi 4. Siamak Paymard 5. Saeed Asadi 6. Mehdi Qalandari 7. Hossein Reyhani 8. Hossein Nikcheh Farahani 9. Sina Khateri 10. Davood Ghaffari 11. Javad Bolandjah 12. Omid Mirdrikvand 13. Hamid Jahangiri 14. Mohammad Beigi 15. Mehdi Hassanipour 16. Mohammad Ghaffari Jam 17. Iman Mardanbakhshi 18. Siamak Moghimi 19. Arya Hamedi-Rad 20. Mirbehnoud Ismaili 21. Sahel Rezaei 22. Morteza Omidbiglou 23. Mohammad Adam 24. Mehdi Vahidi 25. Mohammad Bagher Souri 26. Mohammad Mehdi Abdullahzadeh 27. Danial Bakhshi 28. Abolfazl Shahbazi 29. Vahid Bagheri 30. Javad Adinehvand 31. Mohammad Moallemian 32. Kianoosh Jamali 33. Kianoosh Valiallahi 34. Hossein Armand 35. Matin Izadi 36. Majid Zerehpoosh 37. Alireza Safari Sayar 38. Hadi Khatamian 39. Syed Omid Mousavi 40. Mehdi Naghdi 41. Kazem Nabatian 42. Hossein Bagheri 43. Reza Ramezanzadeh 44. Tohid Fotouhi 45. Shahin Nazarzadeh 46. Mehdi Bagheri 47. Mohammad Rashidi 48. Reza Qureshi 49. Mohammad Alijani 50. Hossein Jafari 51. Ramin Bagherian 52. Sepehr Babazadeh 53. Ehsan Khazaei 54. Saeed Morovati 55. Ahmad Ali Hatami 56.Ali Bikas 57. Reza Alidoost 58. Mojtaba Khanali 59. Iman Daraei 60. Majid Qarabaghi ​​61. Ali Ghahremani 62. Reza Bayat 63. Mehrshad Saeedinia 64. Mohsen Tashakori 65. Mohsen Sabzali 66. Hassan Abbasi 67. Amir Hossein Keshavarz 68. Milad Arsanjani 69. Ali Asghar Keramati 70. Mohammad Ali Parandlou 71. Amir Hossein Keshavarzi Karaji 72. Farid Kurd Zanganeh.

Translation of this post by Sahar.

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Arezou Saaberi
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