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In Memory of Navid Afkari

[…]Now my time is up and I am dying disappointed
And I have never been so in love with life
(Tosca, Puccini)

September 11, 2020, 16:45 UTC, Navid Afkari was still alive. We still believed that Navid could stay alive. Amnesty International issued a statement and warned about fear of secret execution of Navid Afkari. We wrote we are afraid regime would kill Navid in secret, but today we know that we did not believe in our hearts that Navid would be taken to the slaughterhouse the next morning, and Navid himself did not believe that day. No one had delivered him the Amnesty statement, and when he called in the middle of the night, he was sure. And he believed that life, whatever it is, should not have an end like this, and he talked as if he had never loved life like this. He was hopeful, then in the morning, after the murder of Navid, all the ugliness of the world were prominent, they became faces, they became sounds. The world of that morning was nauseated, and its men were all powerless and stuck to the ground, and its news was spread to the four corners of the world from Mahmudians and Younesis sources, while the nights before the assassination they regurgitate praises for their Mir (Mir Hossein Mousavi), and to defend the broken silence that had woven around Navid for him to be hanged in secret, they were preparing arguments to attack Amnesty International and human rights activists.  When they were throwing the tortured body of Navid with “Unknown soldiers of Imam Zaman” (secret security agents) into the ground at night, Ghajars* came along to help Mahmoudians and Younesis when they had announced Navid’s murder on 7:53 UTC on September 12, 2020, they lied and became apologists of apologists. And other things died that day without delivering any of their promises to Navid! Navid was one the litigious deaths of that day that the stench of his corpse crossed the borders of Iran and shook the world. They saw that a lawyer in Iran is even unaware of his client’s execution time, that after the murder of his client he cannot complain against the murderers and offenders and he is not ashamed to continue his empty and meaningless job, he would go on “telling” others he’s there to help without any promise!

Translation of this post by Sahar.

*: Refers to Aida Ghajar, a journalist who wrote a piece defending Mahmoudian & Younesi, attacking human rights activists. Hassan Younesi was Navid’s attorney and Mahmoudian was involved in the case and prevented the sentence,… from becoming public long time ago.

Video: Yazdegerd 3rd, Music: E lucevan le stelle, Tosca, Giacomo Puccini, Tenor: Plácido Domingo


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