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Iran Coronavirus April 1- April Fools at its Finest!

I know it's April Fools, and you may think he might have been pulling pranks on us, but unfortunately it's the reality of Islamic Republic EVERY single day.

April Fools day wasn’t without jokes and lies from Islamic Republic top official, President Hassan Rouhani! Ministry of Health Spokesman announced 2,987 new confirmed cases and 138 deaths in the past 24 hours. He also said 67 million have participated in the online self-screening website, asking the ones who hadn’t joined the screening process to join the “everybody getting tested” effort by the officials.
Jahanpur continued, “We’re moving to the next level of social distancing, “smart social distancing”. In this step, we will use information and communication technologies to observe people and put more restrictions if necessary.” He tried to say this is a worldwide approach, but we could not find anything under this terminology!
Total: 47,593
Dead: 3,036
Healed: 15,473
Critical: 3,871
Iran International reports 152 deaths since yesterday, bringing the death toll to 6,017.

According to stats and graphs, the disease hasn’t slowed down and according to Jahanpur, the Ministry of Health Spokesman, it’s still in the management stage. He also said, about a week ago, all 2500 ICU beds in the country are full. Javad Zarif, the Foreign Minister, have been begging for supplies, ventilators,… from the international community. He started a campaign, with the help of regime’s propaganda machine in the US (NIAC), to pressure US easing sanctions on Iran with the excuse that they’re impeding the fight against COVID-19. This is his latest tweet in English on this subject.

And on March 12, he was asking for international help, including 1,000 ventilators:

Now, let’s see what Rouhani, the President of Islamic Republic, said in the first cabinet meeting in the New Year.

“Fotunately when I saw the numbers, in all provinces, without exception, I could see the decline from yesterday.” The Ministry of Health stopped giving out numbers for each province since March 22! We were expecting this right there and then. I think somebody needs to show him graphs right side up!
“Majority of people followed the instructions and didn’t go on their New Year trips. In the first days of the New Year, we saw 80% decline.” However, state-owned media were blaming people on those same days, publishing fake photos showing traffic on major highways,…
“First days of New Year, most provinces passed their peak time and the decline started.” New Year started on March 20, why did the government stopped providing stats for each province? How come most of the deaths and infected cases happened after that day? Numbers don’t lie, people do!
“We started the second stage of social distancing with more restrictions for traveling. Reducing the travels another 30%.” Making 110% possible!
“We had predicted the worst case scenario, asked to use Armed Forces facilities, and now we have 4,000 empty beds in their facilities.” Then why people were turned around from hospitals? Why people died in their houses?
This one was so unbelievable I had to take a screenshot:

“Beds of Health Ministry are empty too. A few days ago, the minister gave me a stat of 13,000 empty beds. Not only the usual beds but ICU beds are empty in many cities as well. We have a total of 6,800 ICU beds, 4,000 of them are being used.” Which means 2,800 ICU beds are not at use across the country. Compare this to what was told before.

“We have enough production of N95 masks in both private and government sectors. Ventilators are produced enough and sent to hospitals, we don’t have any problem.” So why Zarif is begging for more of these same exact items? Why do you beg for sanctions to be lifted because of Coronavirus if you don’t have any problem controlling it?
“We are united now, we should keep this unity. People trust each other, trust the government and we trust them.” Not true. If you take a look at Iranians’ comments on social media, or listen to what they say at their homes, nobody trusts the government except their goons.

You could find a lie in every paragraph of his speech, but didn’t want to bore you with any more. I know it’s April Fools, and you may think he might have been pulling pranks on us, but unfortunately it’s the reality of Islamic Republic EVERY single day. Another example happened yesterday.

Photo: Reuters

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