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Iran Coronavirus April 14 – Looters in Chief

This is the everyday reality about Khamenei and his gang "governing" a rich country like Iran. Lying, looting and lack of a single aspect managed right!

The Ministry of Health announces 98 deaths in the past 24 hours, the first time in a month that deaths enter 2-digit range. 1,574 new confirmed cases and 3,691 critical patients at ICUs across the country were the numbers announced by the Spokesman, Jahanpur. There is no sign of Coronavirus slowing down and flattening the curve as it’s obvious in graphs. However, Rouhani and his spokesman, Ali Rabiei, insist on containing the disease, forcing people to go back to normal activities, despite all experts and representatives warning against it.
Total: 74,877
Dead: 4,683
Healed: 48,129
Critical: 3,691
Admitted: 22,065
Tests: 287,359
Iran International Death Toll: 9,177
The growth factor stays above 1 showing constant exponential growth. The government keeps reporting false numbers, making the death rate around 9%.

The “smart social distancing” which we called it as a new term in epidemiology, is being referred as a “joke” in Iran’s newspapers. How people in buses and extremely busy subway cars of Tehran are supposed to abide by the rules?! Rouhani and Saeid Namaki, the Health Minister, have denied a request by a Tehran City Councilwoman to give everybody in the subway system a mask! Something’s that’s being done in Spain and other countries but apparently Iran’s officials don’t think it’s important!!

The Deputy Planning for the National Corona Combating Committee confirms what we have been saying for weeks. The government has no plan, it is indecisive about what to do, therefore alternating between “herd immunity” which has led to thousands of deaths and lockdown during Persian New Year, when everywhere is closed already! The government doesn’t have the financial base required to maintain the country if a full lockdown were to be implemented. While there are so much criticism about resumption of businesses, they’re saying it’s possible that Friday Prayers may be resumed in some “white” areas south of the country from this week. This means hundreds of people, children,… are going to be at risk!

Corruption and cronyism have ruined the financial pillars of the country, bringing the government to its knees and unable to support under privileged families, although Rouhani and his puppets continue lying to people and try to save face, telling people it’s OK to go back to work! Previously, Rouhani had said the government would be giving out 1,000,000Toman (around $65) loans to Iranians in need, and the cash should be in their accounts by April 20. However, the loans were to have 12 percent interest but after a Grand Ayatollah said it’s forbidden to charge interest on this kind of loan, Rouhani said the government would be paying for the interest, meaning the government charges itself for interest, opening a new avenue for embezzlement! In another statement, he claimed the western governments are not handing out money to their citizens, lying yet once again! It’s general knowledge that many EU countries and US are doing just that!

Just today, Supreme Audit Court of Iran in a report to parliament announced $4.8billion has disappeared and $2.7billion has been used to import cat litters, pet foods and alike goods. This is why the government can’t/doesn’t support ordinary citizens, sacrificing people so they can carry on with their looting!

IRGC, and other entities under Khamenei’s reign have entered the race to win the popularity contest among poor Iranians. Salami, commander-in-chief of IRCG, said the aid packages will be delivered to people’s homes with the logos of the helping institution, but they’re yet to show up!

This is the everyday reality about Khamenei and his gang “governing” a rich country like Iran. Lying, looting and lack of a single aspect managed right!

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