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Iran Coronavirus April 15 – Psychological War & Militia Scientists

Our "Basiji scientists" have invented this unique device. This would be pointed at any direction and in 5seconds will tell you if it's infected or not....

Kianoush Jahanpur, Ministry of Health Spokesman, lashed out at the Tehran City Councilman asking for a more transparent and separate statistics for Tehran. He said, “He should concentrate on his own job which is mainly the transportation system.” He announced 1,512 new cases and 94 deaths in the past 24 hours. He added, “The number of admissions to hospitals has decreases significantly, except in 5-6 provinces. The night before last, in a hospital with 100 personnel, we only had 2 admissions. We can do up to 20,000 tests a day but because there isn’t more demand from hospitals and medical universities, we are at around 12,000 daily.” He admitted, “Despite the an overall decline in numbers, the number of infected and deaths cases in Tehran are on the rise, about 1/3 of the cases are from Tehran.”
Total: 76,389
Dead: 4,777
Healed: 49,933
Critical: 3,643
Admitted: 21,679
Tests: 299,204
Iran International Death Toll: 9,177

You can find the updated graphs and live map here.

In response to a question about Secretary Pompeo saying the investment in healthcare infrastructure have been lacking in Iran, Jahanpur said, “In psychology, there is a defensive mechanism to prevent you from getting depressed, denial! He’s not excepted from this mechanism. In the past few weeks, Americans are under a lot of pressure and we are worried for them.” He didn’t mention how worried he is for Iranians without any support from the government. Tehran’s increased cases and deaths is only because people have to go to work so they don’t starve to death!! The transportation system that’s been accounted for more than 25% of cases is as crowded as ever. While the wave of new patients is expected in Tehran and other big cities like Isfahan, Mashhad, Shiraz, … the travel restrictions between provinces will be lifted on April 18 and COVID-19 will be at every corner of the country, again!

We reported about the audit on government yesterday, where nearly $5billion has gone missing. Today, Rouhani responded and unsurprisingly said, “That report is totally wrong!”.

In the meantime, Salami, Commander-in-Chief of IRGC, unveiled a “magnetic device which would detect the virus in 100meter (328 feet). This is a unique and new scientific incident. Our “Basiji scientists” have invented this unique device. This would be pointed at any direction and in 5seconds will tell you if it’s infected or not. Hopefully this could be used to detect Coronavirus and any other virus in the future.” How it works? “They would put the virus in the device’s magazine and then points it toward any target.” I guess they like guns too much!! Basij is militia branch of IRGC, the same group that killed 1500+ in 3 days in November 2019 protests. The same group that goes to Syria and Iraq to defend dictators!

This is not a joke. Watch the video aired on IRIB. Jahanpur in response to a question about this device said, “It is not approved by the Food & Drug Administration.” I guess it’s just a new way for IRGC to steal another big chunk of the budget.

How many people have lost their lives to Islamic Republic’s recklessness, mismanagement and corruption this time, we wouldn’t know, because we can’t trust a single word coming out of their mouths. What we know for sure is, Islamic Republic regime has hidden, lied and doesn’t care about people’s lives, they’ve shown this times after times. This is how inhumane they are!

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