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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Iran Coronavirus April 16 – Not Much But Catastrophe

It's just the beginning of a bigger disaster coming for Iranians. The regime doesn't care as long as they are in power plundering Iran's wealth.

1,606 new cases and 92 deaths in the past 24 hours were announced by the Ministry of Health Spokesperson, Kianoush Jahanpur. Even according to their own faked numbers, you can see an increase in the number of cases in graphs and the growth factors. Nahid Khodakarami, a member of Tehran City Council said yesterday that 70-100 people are dying of the coronavirus every day in Tehran, alone. She said the difference in numbers could be because some death certificates list the cause as ARDS instead of COVID-19 and some have a positive test result after their death! In the meantime, Dr Zali, the head of Corona Combating Task Force in Tehran, says “COVID-19 has gained a new life in Tehran.” He said, we’ll be seeing the outcome of reopening the city prematurely within a week or two.
Total: 77,995
Dead: 4,869
Healed: 52,229
Critical: 3,594
Admitted: 20,897
Tests: 310,340
Iran International Death Toll: 9,177 (Not updated for 3 days)

According to Zali, Tehran is at the top of the most infected provinces in the country and have had most deaths and critical patients. Head of Isfahan’s University of Medical Sciences says the virus will have another wave in the province after restrictions had been lifted (from April 11). Just as everybody had warned Rouhani and the government.

The government promised a stimulus loan (about $65) for every family, but is asking them to send their request by sending a text message from a cellphone registered to the head of the household. However, many people could not register for the loan! The families living in remote areas with no cellphone, or no reception in the area or if someone has changed his phone number or…. Apparently there’s always a way for the Islamic Republic to free itself from responsibility to its citizens.

It’s just the beginning of a bigger disaster coming for Iranians. The regime doesn’t care as long as they are in power plundering Iran’s wealth. That’s why they’ve been trying to get US sanctions lifted, not to help people or to combat the Coronavirus, but to support and expand their proxies across the region!

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