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Iran Coronavirus April 18 – Stranger Things

Islamic Republic is spending millions and millions of dollars on its propaganda machine rather than relieving some of its people's pains! What does that tell you about Khamenei and his minions?

Lowest official numbers for COVID-19 patients and deaths in the past few weeks have been announced today. 1,374 new cases and 73 deaths since yesterday. 3,513 are in critical condition and 330,137 tests have been done so far. That means 10,258 tests in the past 24 hours.
Rouhani has relaxed all restrictions across the country, 2/3 of government employees have to go to work and almost all businesses are reopened, but he still “emphasizes on stay-at-home and social distancing rules.” How is it possible, nobody knows!
According to Rouhani, Jahanpur, Namaki, Samiei, and many other officials, the crisis is under control and everything is being produced at IRGC and Defense Ministry’s warehouses but today, in a video press conference, Deputy Health Minister in Development of Management and Resources, said, “We have applied for $50million loan from World Bank and 150 million Euro from Islamic Development Bank to buy the needed medical supplies and equipment.” You find the contradiction in all those statements.
Total: 80,828
Dead: 5,031
Healed: 55,987
Critical: 3,513
Admitted: 19,850
Tests: 330,137
Iran International Death Toll: 9,177 (Last updated April 13)
With the help of falsifying numbers, the death rate remains around 8%, showing off how “great” the government had managed the crisis. However, taking a look at our daily reports would prove the opposite, checking daily numbers would reveal the truth in a blink of an eye.

Habibollah Sayyari, chief commander of Army, has said, “We were ready for coronavirus outbreak in the army since January 18!”, while the officials announced the first case on Feb 20. In the meantime, commander of Army’s Ground Forces, Kioumars Heydari, has made new claims in detecting and treating COVID-19! In Army’s march to show force and capabilities in combating the novel coronavirus on April 17, he said, “We have incredible capabilities in combating the virus and are ready to share them with other countries.” He added, “We have invented a device that would emit a gas destroying any virus, especially the coronavirus in a 200 square meter area (2152 square feet).” He added, “We are going to unveil new inventions in detecting the virus as well. We didn’t have time to show some of our advancements today.” Probably to avoid more embarrassment for the regime!

This is after IRGC claimed inventing a device detecting the virus in 100meter radius, a device that Ministry of Health said it was not approved for anything yet, the same device that was the subject of many jokes on social media. Everybody’s lining up to grab a chunk of the budget with anything possible, even a pan lid!

While regime and its propaganda machine are doing their best to apply for loans from international organizations and press Trump to ease sanctions, many Iranians participated in trending #KeepIRSanctions, voicing their wish to keep the sanctions, because the regime would be spending any money it gains to strengthen its oppression forces, proxies in the region and officials stealing it. Ultimately, not a cent would reach ordinary Iranians, just like after JCPOA, there was no tangible change in the lives of citizens.

Islamic Republic is spending millions and millions of dollars on its propaganda machine rather than relieving some of its people’s pains! What does that tell you about Khamenei and his minions?

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