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Iran Coronavirus April 2 – Rouhani Advisor Threatens USA

Doesn't it imply that if we don't receive money, we'll kill more people? Spread it more? Doesn't it show the mentality behind a government taking more than 82 million people as hostages?

2,875 new confirmed cases and 124 deaths since yesterday afternoon are the official numbers announced by Ministry of Health Spokesman, Kianoush Jahanpur. He added another 2million to the number of people registering for self-screening online website (salamat.gov.ir) making it more than 69million people. In the meantime, number of critical patients increased to 3,956.
Total: 50,468
Dead: 3,160
Healed: 16,711
Critical: 3,956
Updated graphs and map could be found on this page.

Ali Larijani’s COVID-19 test results came back positive. He’s the current Parliament Speaker, and the highest ranking official who is announced to have the disease. It’s reported that he’s in self-quarantine at home. Parliament has been closed since the first time the officials announced the outbreak on Feb 20. Vakili, one of the representatives, said most reps don’t know how to use online services in order to have the meetings online!! So it’s been 43 days Iran hasn’t had a legislative branch in the government.

Unlike other days, there was no question and answer from the Ministry of Health Spokesman, but Rabiei, the government spokesperson talked a lot about Coronavirus epidemic in the country, unilaterally. While he repeated the same things as Rouhani did yesterday, he contradicted the president on some points too. Rabiei said, “In one of hospitals in Tehran, we’ve had one fourth decline in admissions and one fifth in walk-ins. However, other provinces have consistent hospital referrals.” This is directly opposite of what Rouhani said, that “all provinces, without exception, have decrease in infected and deaths.” Rabiei continued, “more than 60 million have participated in salamat.gov.ir, 100,000 of which were advised to stay at home, 18,000 were referred to hospitals and 5,600 were sent to hospitals for admission.” Jahanpur’s stat is 9million away from Rabiei’s. Not a big deal!!

According to the Government’s Spokesman, 70% of the dead had preexisting conditions and were close to 70 years old. Again, he claimed the peak has passed and we are in controlling stage of the epidemic, which is in direct contradiction with the Health Ministry’s statement yesterday and days before where it says “we’re in managing stage of the outbreak and not controlling it.”

Yesterday, Rouhani said, “US has lost its chance to lift the unlawful and cruel sanctions against Iran. The chance to extend friendship hands to the people of Iran.” However, his Foreign Minister, their propaganda machine in the US, including Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar, continue telling the same lie despite all answers from Trump administration that NOTHING is sanctioned regarding medical/humanitarian help.

Among all that rhetoric, this tweet from Rouhani’s advisor stood out:

Doesn’t it imply that if we don’t receive money, we’ll kill more people? Spread it more? Doesn’t it show the mentality behind a government taking more than 82 million people as hostages? Threatening even US population for more deaths if sanctions are not lifted! Isn’t that fascinating?

In the meantime, Rouhani said, “Coronavirus might be with us for the next few months and probably till the end of the year (Persian calendar)!” He continued, “Social distancing could go on for a while. We all have to follow instructions issued by Ministry of Health.” He added, “all medical supplies are being produced domestically.”

Khamenei’s representative in Qom also joined the rank of liars about Coronavirus. He said, “Although it’s said that COVID-19 could be man-made, but I don’t think any country would want this for its people.” Immediately after that, he said, “As Supreme Leader has said, this is a biological attack and the enemy has started from Qom. If you pay attention, you see they’re targeting Qom specifically in their propaganda.” He continued, “Following the Supreme Leader orders are like Allah’s orders and must be followed.”

If you think this regime is capable of containing this deadly virus, you need to rethink your position. You can find out more about the process of their “management” throughout the days on our website.

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