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Iran Coronavirus April 23 – Official Stats : Likely Story

Parliament representatives have introduced a bill in which people would be prosecuted for "spreading a contagious disease." And the vicious cycle continues!

Official numbers announced by Ministry of Health decline on a daily basis but reports from hospitals, especially in Tehran, tell a different story. The Spokesman, Jahanpur, reported 1030 new cases and 90 deaths in the past 24 hours. Both show a decline from yesterday but head of Tehran’s Corona Combating Committee, Ali Zali, said “our numbers show a mild increase in the numbers” and as predicted “the situation could get worse very soon.” He reported 6,390 cases have gone to Tehran’s hospitals leading to 312 admission in wards and 81 ICU admission in just one day.

Jahanpur hasn’t participated in his daily press conference (“IR Daily Show”) as of this writing, 19:00 local time.

Khuzestan governor warned the loosening restrictions of travels between provinces and reopening the country have increased the number of patients in his province. He said “Ahvaz is in red situation again and very worrisome. Ramshir alone has had 95 new cases in one day.” His worry included younger age patients and more deaths among younger cases with no preexisting conditions compared to before. Tonekabon Mayor, a city in Mazandaran province, said, “Since the reopening of the country on April 11, we are seeing more patients and despite the fact that we had zero deaths due to COVID-19, it’s changed now and novel coronavirus is taking lives again.”

Mohammad Hossein Ghorbani, fully authorized representative of Health Minister in Gilan, said, “Travels to the province has spread the virus again. The situation is like a volcano ready to erupt at any moment. We’re really worried.”

Despite all these examples which only depicts the crisis depth in 4 parts of the country, the Ministry keeps the numbers low, fooling people to believe everything is back to normal, and the vicious cycle continues! The median Reproduction rate (R0), the indicator of how infectious the disease is, is estimated at 1.21 based on the undercounted official numbers. And as usual the number of recovered cases is inflated to keep the death rate low to “win the war.”
R0: 1.21
Total: 87,026
Dead: 5,481
Healed: 64,843
Critical: 3,105
Admitted: 16,702
Tests: 389,507 at 126 labs
Iran International Death Toll: 12,052

As predicted before, after the regime’s terrible mismanagement of the crisis and for the nth time, people are to be blamed. Parliament representatives have introduced a bill in which people would be prosecuted for “spreading a contagious disease.” The punishments include fines, imprisonment, atonement and retaliation, which are considered in the draft in different levels.

IRGC sent a sattelite to the space yesterday while people are dying of poverty and shortage of supplies to combat the coronavirus. Why not spend those billions on its own people?! We’ve been saying for weeks that their campaign to pressure US for sanctions relief to help with the COVID-19 struggle is nothing but a scam. Now, everybody could start believing the truth! Islamic Republic officials have proven times and times again they don’t care about Iranian lives. All they care about is holding onto the power by any means necessary.

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