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Iran Coronavirus April 24 – The Bigger the Lie…

Islamic Republic is once again using a page from Adolf Hitler's propaganda playbook: the "Big Lie". Just another way this regime resembles Hitler's Nazis!

Today, Jahanpur only announced the official numbers which show an increase from yesterday and didn’t attend the usual Q&A session. 1,168 new confirmed cases and 93 deaths were their magic numbers for today, to keep the death rate below 8%. Rouhani continues lying about how good the country’s situation is, including the fact that everything’s price has gone up but he claims the inflation has decreased!! This is something people could feel in their day to day lives but he doesn’t shy away from making up stories about it. He also says his administration is working around the clock to solve the problems, especially the Interior and Health Ministers who are at work even at 11PM or 12AM when he calls them. This has been their routine since last November!! Honestly, the question should be, what do they do in their offices? Rehearsing their lies for the next day?!

As we discussed it earlier several times, the graphs and median estimate of reproduction rate predicting a disaster coming and it’s already showing. Zali, the head of Tehran’s Corona Combating Committee keeps warning the officials that the number of patients is increasing and premature loosening of restrictions has been a big mistake! The same type of reports is coming out of all the cities around the country. Governors and officials of provinces including Tehran, Qom, West Azerbaijan, Fars, Sistan&Baluchestan, Khorasan Razavi, Gilan and Mazandaran warn about the return of COVID-19 and red situation.

However, Islamic Republic is trying to show everything as normal, no matter how many lives may be lost in the process. Normalizing the situation to the point of not holding the daily video conference. Yes, today was Friday (weekend in Iran), but we used to have weekend Q&A sessions as well. I guess we should see less and less interactions and news about Coronavirus!

What’s funny is, the numbers are so all-over-the-place that it makes you think this amount of stupidity and wrong reporting is impossible, so it must be right! The bigger the lie, the easier to believe!
R0: 1.21
Total: 88,194
Dead: 5,574
Healed: 66,596
Critical: 3,121
Admitted: 16,024
Tests: 399,927 at 126 labs
Iran International Death Toll: 12,052 (Last updated April 22)

Islamic Republic is once again using a page from Adolf Hitler’s propaganda playbook: the “Big Lie”. Just another way this regime resembles Hitler’s Nazis!

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