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Iran Coronavirus April 26 – COVID-19 a Brazen Superpower

Islamic Republic regime has spent millions of dollars on its nuclear and missile program while millions in the country are starving to death and can't stay at home during COVID-19.

Rouhani & Co. continue to downplay the danger of novel Coronavirus to Iranians by comparing it to superpowers. In National Corona Combating Committee meeting, Rouhani said, “If we give in to Coronavirus, it will become brazen and impudent, like superpowers. If you give in to a superpower, it will become brazen and won’t leave you alone, you stand up for yourself, it will run away. We have to face Corona without stress and anxiety!” The following video is not a deep fake, he really said these! He also said, “We should follow health protocols!”. But how is this possible?! The country is almost fully reopened, how are people supposed to “follow social distancing” is beyond me.

While in reality the virus is taking an upward trend in 11 provinces, according to NCCC officials, Islamic Republic has decided to suppress any news coming out of the hospitals. Even their daily press conferences is limited and are there to pretend everything is fine in the land of “Islam”. This way everything would be normalized and COVID-19 will become part of the daily routine for people.

Jahanpur, the Ministry of Health Spokesman, announced 300 “white areas” in the country, meaning no new cases/deaths due to COVID-19. Rouhani said, “100 counties in the country are are “white”.” There are 434 counties in the country, meaning almost 25% of Iran is clear of COVID-19. However, at least 10 governors from 4 corners of the country say there’s no change in their provinces!! Some even say the situation is critical and it might reach another peak soon! Kerman, Hamedan, Zanjan, Isfahan, Gilan and South Khorasan are among those provinces.

Regardless of what the regime is trying to pretend, I highly doubt you could cheat the death even if you’re in a palace! More and more contradictory reports showing high number of admissions and the graphs show the growth factor above 1.

The median estimate of Reproduction rate (R0) remains above 1.2 indicating the crisis is ongoing and a humanitarian catastrophe is waiting to happen. According to Iran International, 13,193 people have died of the disease, epidemiologists warn the stats could be as high as 20 times of the official reports but Islamic Republic regime calls the virus cheeky like “superpowers”!

Official numbers for today were as low as they could be: 1,153 new confirmed cases and 60 deaths in the past 24 hours. The number of recovered patients keeps climbing while the number of admissions doesn’t change as much. So either those “recovered” were not “admitted” then how do they know they have “healed” or you guessed it, the numbers are all made up. You can see this trend of false reporting in our daily report of “official” numbers.
Reproduction Rate (R0): 1.20
Total: 90,481
Dead: 5,710
Healed: 69,657
Critical: 3,079
Admitted: 15,114
Tests: 421,313 at 126 labs
Iran International Death Toll: 13,193

Islamic Republic regime has spent millions of dollars on its nuclear and missile program while millions in the country are starving to death and can’t stay at home during COVID-19.

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