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Iran Coronavirus April 27 – Evidence of Falsified Data by Ministry of Health

Positive test results have not been entered in Hospital Information System (HIS), Delayed recording of patients for up to 20 days, Incompatibility between records and positive test results.

Iran International has gained access to an evidence which proves the “official” numbers are all cooked up as we have established before many times. This evidence have 3 segments: One shows positive test results have not been entered in Hospital Information System (HIS), another depicts delayed recording of patients for up to 20 days in the Medical Care Monitoring Centers (MCMC) across the country, and the last one indicates incompatibility between records and positive test results.

This document shows all positive test results have not been recorded in all provinces to a different degree. Qom with 27% and Lorestan with 70% are the best and worst in keeping U07.1 (the universal WHO code for COVID-19) records. That means, for example, in Lorestan, positive test results of 2 out of 3 patients have not been recorded. This number is above 50% in Golestan, Gilan, Kohgiloyeh-Boyerahmad, Kermanshah, Kurdistan, Ilam and Hormazgan provinces as well.

The second segment shows that Tehran, Qom, Golestan, West Azerbaijan and Khorasan Razavi had delays of between 3-20 days in entering 10-32% of patients into MCMC system.

The last part, showing the compatibility of positive test results and the records is stunning! Almost all provinces rank “medium” to “undesirable”. Tehran, Golestan, Gilan, Kohgiloyeh-Boyerahmad, Qazvin and Lorestan are reported “extremely undesirable” with less than 10% compatibility while Qom is below 0%!! Another proof that most cases of COVID-19 have been written off as ARDS or other pulmonary diseases.

While Jahanpur was happily announcing the lowest number of new cases in 36 days, Etemad newspaper published a piece casting doubt on the numbers provided by the Ministry of Health. In that article, Abbas Abdi emphasizes on the importance of true stats and criticizes the ministry for not being responsive to Tehran’s City Council and other critiques. He even suggests comparing the deaths from last year in a specific time period at a specific town/village to the deaths this year, saying the difference would give us a good idea as to COVID-19 deaths numbers. However, the Ministry has stopped providing specific provincial stats since March 22, and had never given out specific towns/villages data. Abdi also states that the majority of people follow the numbers but do not believe them.

Raisi, Deputy Health of the Health Minister, attended the video conference today, explaining the Coronavirus situation in the country. Rouhani had said yesterday the country has been divided into 3 categories of Red, Yellow and White. Raisi explained, “If in a county with 40-50 thousand residents, has less than 1 case in a two week period, it’s designated as “white”.” He said there are currently 116 counties in 24 provinces match these criteria. However, he stressed, “Being a white area doesn’t guarantee it remaining that way. These areas are not the populated counties in the country.” He didn’t mention how relaxing travel restrictions between provinces could keep these areas from getting reinfected!!

He countinued, “61 counties in the most populous areas of the country, mostly capitals of provinces, have been designated as “red”.” Again, he emphasized on the “stay-at-home” instructions while the country is fully open and people have to go to work or risk losing their livelihood and starve! He also said, the mosques in white areas could open up their doors!

The discrepancies and mismanagement in all levels of the government, including warnings from Governors and other officials while the Ministry of Health and Rouhani continue downplaying the catastrophe we’re facing, is mind boggling.

All this talks and categorization of counties… while there is no travel restrictions and nobody knows the names of these “white”, “yellow” and “red” areas! What are the criteria for red and yellow regions?

991 new cases and 96 deaths in the past 24 hours were diagnosed by “officials”. Jahanpur also announced: “Unfortunately, from February 20 till today, 5,011 people have been poisoned by fake alcohol, 525 of which have died in hospitals. However, fake alcohol is the cause of death for more than 700 cases because some didn’t go to hospitals.” He added, “There are 47 admitted at ICU for this reason, 95 have lost their vision and 405 have renal failure whom need dialysis.” This phenomenon started when rumors spread throughout the country that ethanol can prevent/treat COVID-19. However, some fraudesters mixed methanol with bleach and sold it as ethanol, causing so many people to lose their lives or become disabled.
Reproduction Rate (R0): 1.20
Total: 91,472
Dead: 5,806
Healed: 70,933
Critical: 3,011
Admitted: 14,733
Tests: 432,329 at 126 labs
Iran International Death Toll: 13,193

Graphs would show a better picture! Growth factor of above 1 is a sign of exponential growth.

This regime can’t tell the truth about anything. It has proven times after times, people’s lives don’t matter.

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