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Iran Coronavirus April 29 – Belittling Citizens Deaths

Namaki ended his fully authorized representative's mission in Gilan, just 4 days after Mohammad Hossein Ghorbani warned about Coronavirus crisis in Gilan in contrary to his boss and Rouhani's statements.

Spokesman for the Islamic Republic’s General Staff of the Armed Forces declared the death of 4 physicians and nurses at armed forces as “that’s nothing”! He also claimed the armed forces had not seen any impact on their activities since only a “few retired and staff have died which is not a big deal.” He also announced that more than 3,600 people have been arrested across the country due to spread of “rumors about Corona in cyberspace.” Trivializing death is not new in Islamic Republic, but as long as it is not one of their own! At the biginning of the crisis, deputy head of Tehran Medical University said, “the dead are mostly old people who would have died in a few weeks, if not corona, from something else.” If it happens to any of the people with “good gene”, then public mourning and huge staged funerals are must-haves!

On the other hand, Spokesman for Ḥawzah ʿIlmīyah (seminary school) wrote a letter to Rouhani asking for his apology for closing mosques and religious locations and demanding them to be reopened immediately. In the meantime, Saeid Namakin, the Health Minister, ended his fully authorized representative’s mission in Gilan, just 4 days after Mohammad Hossein Ghorbani warned about Coronavirus crisis in Gilan in contrary to his boss and Rouhani’s statements. Ghorbani repeated, “We don’t have any white area in Gilan province”, right after he was sacked on Monday.

Ministry of Health Spokesman, Kianoush Jahanpur, announced today’s numbers: 1,073 new confirmed cases and 80 deaths. Always consider all good numbers coming out of Islamic Republic with a grain of salt, but for these, evidence is out showing their manipulations. Haj Babaei, Deputy Health Minister in Treatment Affairs, attended the daily show of “press conference” saying,”We are in a very hopeful and good position concerning COVID-19 since the walk-in and admitted cases have declined.” He repeated Rouhani’s claim that Gilan, Qom and Kashan have decreased cases of admission but admitted, “Some provinces show no sign of change.”

The growth factors remain above one and so does R0 pertaining to no change in the crisis. In fact, after 71 days, we should have seen a much better situation compared to other countries.
Reproduction Rate (R0): 1.18
Total: 93,657
Dead: 5,957
Healed: 73,791
Critical: 2,965
Admitted: 13,909
Tests: 453,376 at 126 labs
Iran International Death Toll: 13,193 (Last updated on April 25)

When General Staff of Armed Forces declares deaths of people under its command as “nothing” and “not a big deal”, How do you think the “Supreme Dealer” would describe thousands of deaths in Iran?

P.S.: A Grand Ayatollah in Iran, Saafi Golpayegani, said, “People these days, especially the youth, who have stayed at home, were engaged in masturbation and must pay atonement.” It’s worth noting, masturbation is forbidden in Islam.

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