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Iran Coronavirus April 5 – Virus Fodder; Elites Safe, People in Danger

2,483 new confirmed cases and 151 deaths in the past 24 hours are the official numbers announced by Kianoush Jahanpur, the Spokesman for Ministry of Health. There have been 189,790 tests done in the country since Feb 20, when after weeks of hiding and coverups, the officials announced the arrival of Coronavirus in Iran. He didn’t have a question and answer session like he usually does. Instead, President Rouhani’s speech is to be recorded in history as the most shameless lies! The speech is translated below.
Total: 58,226
Dead: 3,603
Healed: 22,011
Critical: 4,057

Updated graphs could be found here.

As reported earlier, President has announced that everything should go back to normal by April 11! Except Tehran, which would follow a week later. Although every single expert in the country, including the Minister of Health, head of the Corona Combating Committee in Tehran, some of the parliament members,…but this is what Rouhani has said:

“There is no difference of opinion among the heads of government branches (executive, legislative and judiciary), Armed Forces, and other officials about how to continue facing Corona. Everybody in the system is on the same page. People choosing between economical activities and their health is wrong. They both are possible together. All of economical activities should be functional but with following health instructions. From April 11, provinces are allowed to start low risk businesses. The high risk business like swimming pools and sport centers will stay closed. For Tehran, it would start from April 18, with supervision. Starting activities doesn’t mean negating the stay-at-home instructions. Going out should be at the minimum and done in a step by step process. From that date, two third of government employees will go to work and the rest stay at home. The one third would switch places. Coming to work when sick is a crime and must self-quarantine him/her self. Any lab getting a positive result must inform the patient, his/her family and the employer. Contracting Corona shouldn’t cause anybody to worry, it’s like the flu. The working hours would be from 7AM to 2PM. During the last month, nobody has been laid off or fired in transportation sector. Traveling between provinces would remain forbidden until April 18. From April 18, Masters and Doctorate level education should be in person. Bachelor levels should continue using online classes until April 18. We have given provinces the authority to decide what to do after that. Holy places (shrines) will stay closed until April 18. We don’t know how this virus works yet. Ministry of Health doesn’t know how this virus might behave in a month or in summer.”

Just comparing this statement with previous days from him and other officials make it obvious they can’t pass a day without lying and jeopardizing people’s lives. How is it possible to stay at home and open your business at the same time? How is it possible to stay at home while poverty is causing people to starve to death? How is it possible for the country to have BILLIONS of dollars in Sovereignty Wealth Fund but the “Supreme Leader” doesn’t allow the government to use it to save Iranians? And so many other questions which only show the brutality, barbarism, stupidity, corruption and incompetency from top to the bottom of this regime.

On the other hand, they’re still begging for cash! International Monetary Fund has denied regime’s loan application. But they’re like rude panhandlers continuing their quest lying their way into pressuring US for lifting sanctions. Unsurprisingly, they can’t keep up their lies like they have in the past. Social media is becoming their biggest enemy. They have to save face in front of Iranians on state TV (saying everything is under control and we’re the best, passed the peak, sanctions haven’t caused any problem,….) and lie to the world that we have problems facing COVID-19 due to the sanctions. For today, let’s compare these 2 pieces of facts:

This is a date to be remembered in Iran’s history as the beginning of a massacre in the hands of Islamic Republic, certainly not their first but hopefully the last.

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