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Iran Coronavirus April 8 – Meaningless Words are Highlighted

121 deaths and 1997 new confirmed cases in the past 24 hours were the numbers announced by Jahanpur, Ministry of Health Spokesman. While the regime’s game of numbers caused some mishap in IRNA and BBC reporting, the made-up numbers are becoming more obvious day by day. The daily press conference went on as usual, with the same rhetoric, “going to work doesn’t mean we are risking people’s lives”! What else does that mean, I wouldn’t know.
Total: 64,586
Dead: 3,993
Healed: 29,812
Critical: 3,956
Live map and graphs could be found here.

Jahanpur’s earlier statement about Chinese statistics are becoming more troublesome than he could imagine! IRGC’s political office published a piece in its magazine and called Jahanpur’s comments as “unprofessional, out of place and improper” and asked the government to apologize to the Chinese Ambassador to Tehran and console him! The article asks for the intelligence services to look into “behind the scenes” of Spokesman’s statement!! However, when it comes to IRGC intelligence, we should be cautious to draw any conclusion, as this could easily be another plan to make people believe in Ministry of Health’s statistics and create an instant hero!
There was a clash between Iranians and Chang Hua, the Ambassador, on Twitter. Iranian social media users started using hashtag “ChineseVirusCensorship” in response to Hua blocking them after each tweet!

On the sanctions relief’s front, Hemmati, head of Islamic Republic’s Central Bank, said, “We have two good news for people. US has been unsuccessful in their campaign to block our money in Europe. One is that Luxembourg’s Clearstream agreed to unblock $1.6billion of our blocked funds. Secondly, another court in the country issued an order preventing the money to be sent to US to pay 9/11 victims’ families.” This whole statement is wrong! One, there is no news about this on Clearstream website, secondly, the court had issued that order a year ago, on March 28, 2019. I guess the regime does everything to control the wild climb of prices and inflation in the country!

People’s lives have been pushed to the margins and meaningless words are highlighted to win some “trust” and color their stupid propaganda! This is not how a government should manage a country!

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